Cebu’s Weekend Getaway: Fishing at Co Jordan

One of my kids’ favorite weekend spots is a quaint little fishing place called Co Jordan.  Only 30 minutes or so away, it is very accessible from the heart of Cebu City.  The place is a little hard to find so it is best to go armed with directions.

Our helper, Yaya N, always told us fishing is best done early in the morning so as much as possible we leave home on or before 8 am if we’re planning a trip there.  When you enter the Co Jordan compound, it doesn’t look very promising as it’s only a long unpaved dirt road to the actual site.  However, when you get to the fishing site, you are greeted by lovely nipa huts built on stilts right on top of the lake where the owners breed fresh water fish like Bangus (Milkfish) and Tilapia.

fishing spot, fishing for kids

Co Jordan

We pick our favorite hut and start unloading our stuff (mostly food, drinks, and clothing).  They have a minimal charge for the rental of a hut and for fishing rods and bait.  You do have to pay a fee for the fish you catch.  They also provide you with a net that’s dipped into the lake to extend the life of the fish you catch.

caught a fish, fishing

We usually order our lunch once we arrive as it gets really crowded during the lunch time and by then our kids would have worked up an appetite from the excitement of fishing all morning.  Co Jordan, aside from breeding fish, is also an oyster farm.  Aside from excellent fishing, we get excellent freshly cooked food as well.  My kids discovered Baked Oysters there and they loved them ever since.

The fish are jumping at Co Jordan so usually the kids don’t have to wait too long to catch their first fish.   The kids love catching fish.  They get a thrill out of having their patience rewarded with a bite.  And the act of pulling in the fish also provides a unique excitement.

Co Jordan, fishing with kids

Caught a fish!

After a morning of fishing, our food arrives and we settle in for a sumptuous meal of fresh fish, oysters, squid and rice.  I don’t know if it’s our surroundings or the fresh air but we usually end up eating more than we usually would in a restaurant.  Everything seems to taste a better even though the fare is relatively simple.

Cebu's Weekend Getaway Co Jordan (1)

We usually go home in the afternoon with full bellies, happy hearts, relaxed bodies and a cooler full of fresh fish.  It’s a fun time for the whole family.  The best part is it isn’t too far away so we are able to get home and relax some more before the work week (or study week) begins.

Let’s just say it’s a much better weekend outing than window shopping at the mall, that’s for sure.


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