Wondering about me?

  • wife and mother
  • working for in-laws and handling my hubby’s 3 businesses keeps me busy
  • been a pescetarian since 2009, by necessity
  • driver and tutor
  • Zumba addict
  • always walking around with a book in hand
  • finds writing therapeutic
  • gets overwhelmed when shopping for clothes (yes I need help!)
  • wishes to have the know-how (and patience) to accessorize.

6 thoughts on “Wondering about me?

  1. Hi we are online magazine based in UAE Dubai ,, and i accidentally went through your blog and i find it amazing and informative and investigative .. so i thought i request you why not you share some thing for our magazine too .. two three time in a month or as you feel easy .. i hope you will consider our request with kindness…

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  2. Your entries are well written and mirror your keen intellect and prowess as a writer. Keep on writing. It’s so refreshing to be able to read such sensible articles in the internet.


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