Attipas Shoes: Next Best Thing to Barefoot

My two eldest children went barefoot for the most part while they were still in the process of learning how to walk.


First, I read a study that going barefoot is great for a baby’s development.  Something about feeling the floor beneath their feet gives their brain that extra added boost.

More important, they HATED shoes.

Everytime we tried to put shoes on them, they tried to kick it off amidst tears of complaint.

However, in all honesty, it isn’t always hygienic for babies to go barefoot everywhere.  We had to constantly wash their tiny baby feet.  And walking in public was out of the question if they refused to wear shoes.

Baby S was going barefoot for the most part, until we finally got our Attipas Shoes.

Attipas Shoes

Attipas Shoes are amazing.

With a nice and fluffy sock top and a soft rubber base, Baby S is so comfortable in them I don’t think he notices we have imposed the “restriction” of shoes on his tiny baby feet.

Attipas Shoes

Comfort and Protection in One

The rubber base is so soft, Baby S can still feel the floor when he walks, which gives him the benefit of brain development that walking barefoot gives.  The best part is, his feet are kept clean and safe from the dirt or wet spots that sometimes dot the floor.  The shoes are SO easy to clean in case baby spits or throws up on them by accident.

Like a little cherry on top of a perfect sundae, the shoes are so ADORABLE to boot.  Wait till you see their girl shoe options!  They’re so darn cute.


At 9 months, Baby S is absolute favorite activity is learning to walk around in his very Filipino wooden “andador” (again I read that walkers with wheels delay development…).   I’m so glad we finally got the best shoes to protect his feet.

Baby in Action!  So fast he's blurred.

Baby in Action! So fast he’s blurred.

Attipas Shoes

Because I’m Happy!

Can’t wait for him to learn how to walk on his own!


Attipas Shoes were designed in Korea.  Click here for more information on Attipas Shoes and where to purchase the item in the Philippines.  Click here for more information about the product.  


9 thoughts on “Attipas Shoes: Next Best Thing to Barefoot

  1. Hi where do you bought the wooden andador and how much back then? Also, where to purchase here in PH the attipas shoes? Is this available in malls?


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