Fun Kiddie Movie: Turbo

The school had a movie outing premier at SM Cinema to watch the movie “Turbo” by Dreamworks Animation.

It’s a movie about the little snail that could.  Theo was just a garden snail who had impossible dreams of racing in the Indy 500.  Everyone thought he was crazy, but he always believed it could happen.  I’ll stop at that so as not to give away too many spoilers.

At first, I wasn’t really excited to watch the movie because I didn’t feel they could pull off an interesting story about a “fast snail”.

It was a surprise for me that the school decided to organize an exclusive showing of this movie.  The kids were insanely excited.. a day off and a movie!  It was a welcome treat for them to be with friends outside of the strict classroom setting.  Since my son was still young, I decided to accompany them.  I’m glad I did… I enjoyed the movie a lot.

The movie Turbo, is interesting.  They managed to make the most mundane boring, usually gross creatures, snails, into loveable and funny characters.  I would never have thought of making snails into the lead characters of a movie.   It’s unique and I applaud the creativity of the makers of this movie.

The lesson of the movie is pretty good too which makes it even more worth watching by families everywhere.  Sure, the plot is pie-in-the-sky, shoot-for-the-stars impossible but there’s nothing wrong with indulging in fantasy once in a while.

I think, more than anything, I enjoyed watching the movie because the theater was filled with kids.  There’s something about watching a movie in a theater full of excited kids.  Kids ooh and ahh… laugh, scream and act giddy without restraint.  The kids start bouncing on their seats during all the exciting parts of the story.   Their excitement is very infectious which I feel heightened my enjoyment as well.

Turbo promised good clean laughs for the whole family and it didn’t disappoint.  I think most kids will just love it….


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