Healthy Morning Routine


In an effort to become more physically fit, Hubby S and I agreed to begin a fitness regimen together.  (Yes people, nagging works!)

Since we, can’t seem to find the time to workout during the day, we decided to just add more hours in our day by waking up a few hours earlier.

Easier said than done.

It was so hard to drag myself out of bed when my phone alarm blares out the song “Best Day of my Life” at 5:30 in the morning.  The sky is still a little dark and most of the world is still asleep.  It is so tempting to turn around and grab a few more minutes, or hours, of sleep but because we promised each other, Hubby S and I managed to half-heartedly trudge like zombies to the bathroom to prepare for an early morning at the gym…

It was so hard, especially in the beginning.  It has gotten easier but it still isn’t easy until now.

However, we both found that because we have made a commitment to each other, the promise to work out has been a lot easier to keep.  We also found that it was only the initial 10 minutes, give or take, after that dreaded alarm goes off that was difficult… it was just the temptation to go back to bed that was so hard to battle.

We’ve been good…. so far.

For the past 3 weeks, we’ve managed to start our mornings in the gym about 4 out of the 6 days (Sundays don’t count).  We’re working on our fourth week.  I’ve got to admit, I’m so proud of the both of us.

For almost 4 weeks, we arrive at the gym shortly after it opens, sweat ourselves through half an hour of cardio and, if we have a trainer scheduled for the day, grunt our way through a few sets of strength training.  Then head home in time to bring the youngest to school before having breakfast together.

I was expecting to feel tired after a morning workout but instead, I leave the gym feeling more energetic.  There’s a spring to my step and an optimism that comes with having started the day by doing something extremely healthy and good for me.

The best part is, I really love that Hubby S and I are doing something together, just the two of us sans the children, practically every morning.   It’s so hard for parents to religiously do things together.  This routine has just cemented another moment that we can have together as a couple.  Although we don’t actually talk the whole time, it’s a moment that we share that I really appreciate and enjoy.

It’s a win-win.  I’m hoping that the siren call of sleep won’t be too strong and we can keep this exercise regimen up.   As an added bonus, maybe one day soon, I’ll finally be able to do that full set of legitimate push ups.

Yes, my arms are THAT weak.





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