Sharing my Joy: My boy can read!

My youngest used to scream bloody murder due to frustration when he was younger which prompted me to bring him to a developmental doctor.  He was then diagnosed with a slight speech delay due to muscle weakness as evidenced by his drooling.

Although the doctor said I can choose to wait as he was still young, I decided not to and put him in therapy sessions.

I shared then that the results were dramatic and I didn’t regret putting him in therapy early.  (See post here: Speech Delays and the Frustrated Child)

He developed by leaps and bounds, not just catching up to his peers but he also gained confidence in himself as he developed his skills. He gradually became more outgoing and friendly… greeting people and asking questions that pop into his head.  To me, this is of utmost importance as it dictates how he will approach the world, with apprehension or with confidence and strength.

As a result, I felt confident enough to stop his therapy sessions to give him more time to play and do fun activities early this year.

We usually read before naptime and bedtime and I noticed he was trying to mouth the words so I decided to test him.


To my utter amazement, I found out he could read 3 and 4 letter words. I always knew he was pretty good with maths but as speech was his problem, this development made me explode with joy and relief.​

At 3, he can read and do basic addition! I am so happy and proud of how far he has come.

I don’t regret getting help when I felt I needed it. Not for one second.  Now I can rest easy that he has caught up to his peers.

I can’t thank T. Jinkee (his therapist) and the teachers and staff of Cambridge Cebu enough for helping my son when he needed it the most.

Now this, this is joy.


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