List of Developmental Pediatricians

Ever since I posted my blog about my son’s speech therapy journey, I have gotten multiple requests for information on who approach for diagnosis and therapeutic needs.

For therapy, most doctors have partner therapists who they work closely with and trust.  In my case, my therapist also works with my chosen preschool which gives my child a more comprehensive system of tracking progress.  I have been very lucky and extremely grateful.

For developmental pediatricians, I can only personally attest to the doctors in Cebu:

  • Dr. Myra Altonaga
    • 505B Cebu Doctors’ Medical Arts Building 2, Gov. M. Roa St., Capitol Site, Cebu City
    • (6332)2555372, (63922)9488532
  • Dr. Jacqueline Espina
    • Rm 408 Chong Hua Hospital Medical Arts Building, J. Llorente St., Cebu City
    • (6332)2544293, (63922)8985173

When I was still based in Manila, one name kept popping up as a good developmental doctor as well.

  • Dr. Alexis Reyes
    • Child Neurosciences Center Room 2, Philippine Children’s Medical Center, Quezon Ave., QC
      • Telephone:  (0917)9183238, (02)9246601, (02)5889900
    • Suite 217 Makati Medical Center, 2 Amorsolo St., Makati City
      • Telephone (02)8888999 loc 2217

I got the complete list of Developmental Pediatricians from the DevPed website.  I am putting the list below for your easy reference.  You can pick one that is near your home so that your child doesn’t need to go through traffic for their checkups.



I hope this helps you all.  Please feel free to comment on which doctors on my list have good feedback based on your personal knowledge so it can help the others who are looking for doctors for their children.

Good luck to your own child’s journey.  I am rooting for all of you.


2 thoughts on “List of Developmental Pediatricians

  1. Can I ask for the name of the preschool your son goes to? I’m currently looking at Dynamic (near Ayala Cebu). Just wondering if any other moms have tried there. Thanks!


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