Unexpected Lesson: Whom You Marry Determines Success

It’s August and it’s time, once again, for Search for W.I.N.N.E.R.S. one of my favorite projects of the Mandaue Chamber of Commerce and Industry because it celebrates women micro-entrepreneurs and elevates them into role models for other women to admire and hopefully, emulate.

 MCCI Search for WINNERS

Last weekend was the interview portion in order to select the final 20 candidates and we decided to bring our children to witness the process and see the other side of life.  The day began with entrepreneurship training for all 50+ women in order to help them grow their businesses.

Then, the interviews began.

The group of judges Hubby S belonged to were tasked to interview 11 of the candidates.

Interview of Search for WINNERS

Interviewing the candidates of Search for WINNERS

My children and I listened to the women tell their stories about their lives, why they started their little businesses and where they are hoping to take their businesses in the future.

My daughter was very interested and she listened as best as she could.  She felt sorry for the women because they all had to work so hard for their families. She told me she hoped all of them would win.

We talked about the 11 women’s stories and she suddenly blurted out:

Wow… it’s so important to choose the right guy to marry because you’re not just happier your business is also more successful.

She said she noticed a trend in the women’s stories.  The women who had abusive or lazy husbands were visibly unhappier, had smaller businesses and made less income while the women with working, kind and supportive husbands were more upbeat and had larger, more successful businesses.

It is so true.

Who you marry greatly determines quality of life.  It doesn’t just affect the family life.  The effect of who you marry spills over to all aspects of life, including social life and careers.

I was so happy for this unexpected teaching moment, not just about poverty and how important it is to help in any way we can, but also about how important it is for them to choose the right spouse. I jumped on the chance to hammer the lesson home on how important it is for them to choose their spouses using not just their emotions but their heads as well.

Women tend to get swept away by romance and gifts while men get swept away by a pretty face and hot body… They realize too late that it isn’t enough to base a life together on.

Because sometimes it’s not just the hand you’re dealt but the expected or unexpected consequences of the decisions you make that create the life you are living.

So choose wisely my kiddos… I pray you will have the wisdom to choose well when your time comes.


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