Need a Breastpump? BUY MEDELA LOCALLY

I knew I wanted to breastfeed from the beginning. At first I was scared to take the leap and buy my own Breastpump because I was fearful of the added expense. 

My friend and breastfeeding advocate Jenny talked me into taking the leap and buy my very own pump. People advised me to buy from the U.S. Because it is cheaper but my husband didn’t want to wait for a U.S. order so we bought locally, in my case, in Modern Mama at Banilad Town Center.

Am I glad I bought my pump locally. 

I have been using my pump for a little over a year when it suddenly conked out on me in the middle of a pumping session. I was a little panicked. My pump won’t work and I had a party I needed to go to!!!

I called Gretchen of Modern Mama and even if she was out of town at the time, she immediately arranged for me to borrow a loaner pump. Within a few hours I got my loaner pump and my trusty old pump was on its way to Manila to be repaired. 

Since there was a 2-year warranty in place and I only purchased my pump a little over a year ago, they repaired my pump for no charge. 

I got my pump back within a week and I was ecstatic with the service.

That was a month ago. A few days ago, during my vacation in Manila, my pump broke down again in the middle of another pumping session. I immediately contacted Gretchen and she assured me I could bring my pump to Medela House in New Manila to be serviced.

I went to Medela House armed with nothing but a name, Jeyme. I went in, told them my story, was immediately entertained by their repairman. He declared that my motherboard had a problem and then and there was given a replacement motor! 


Saying their after sales service is exceptional is an understatement! 

Thank you to Medela House and Modern Mama in Cebu for proving that Filipinos can give world class quality service.  You are the reason why Medela breast pumps are the preferred brand. 

You guys are amazing. 


Medela House is located at 29 1st St., New Manila, Quezon City with telephone number 738-6272. 

Modern Mama is at the G/F Banilad Town Center with telephone number 239-6825. Click here for Info on Modern Mama.


4 thoughts on “Need a Breastpump? BUY MEDELA LOCALLY

  1. Glad you found the pump useful Jan!! just to clarify… i want to say that a pump is not essential in the breastfeeding relationship. to successfully breastfeed, we only need our breasts and baby. While pumps are nice to have, if you can afford, best also to learn hand expression 😀 case to case basis.


    • To be fair to them, it seems it’s just my unit that had the defect. 😀 My friends got the Medela Freestyle too and it works find after a few years and 2 kids. It’s just nice that they had my back when I got a defective unit which happens sometimes even to the best brands.


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