Dreamworks’ Dreamplay at City of Dreams

We went to City of Dreams eager to see the Dreamworks’ Dreamplay play area for kids which had just opened on April 1. 

We thought there would be less people in town because it was Black Friday but we were wrong. We arrived at 1030 and was greeted with a line so long it snaked 4 times around inside the venue and then the line extended outside into the mall. We found out the wait time was 3 hours so we gave up and opted to just return the next day.

Take 2:

We returned on April 4 at 815 AM and we were first in line!!  


People started arriving to line up at 840am and the line grew long pretty quickly after the clock struck 9am. 


At 930am personnel from Dreamplay started getting the information of everyone in line one family at a time on a portable iPad mini and sign waivers.

At 10am we finally got signed up, had our photos taken and had our wristband tickets attached. 

Being first in line is worth it as the process is extremely long and time consuming. It takes over 15 minutes for them to process one family.

On the bright side, the wristbands are great because you need to log into every activity and your wristbands log everything and give you badges for what you have done so far. The information will be retained for your next visit too!

We were the first ones in so my daughter and I hit the amazing rope course in the kung fu panda section. Unfortunately my son was still too small to join us as there was a height limit of 140cm. 


It is a 3-storey rope course with two options: awesome for beginners and legendary for the more difficult path that includes some wall climbing. My daughter and I opted for the legendary path. Tiring, thrilling and amazing fun!

Most of the other activities have a 100cm height limit which my son is able to do.

For the thrill seeking kids, the Kung Fu Panda area is a must try.

The stairway to heaven is a favorite so if you’re early you should go try it first.  

My 8 year old son conquering the stairway to heaven.

My 12 year old at the top!

The Leap of Faith is for the more gutsy kids who are able to leap into open air and try to grab onto a punching bag 2 storeys up. 


My daughter taking a leap….

….and absolutely NAILING it!

There are also a lot of forms of wall climbing with different levels of difficulty that’s Also a lot of fun to do.


Non-thrill seekers will also enjoy Dreamplay a lot. 

My kids really enjoyed making their own boats and seeing if it will survive the makeshift river.  


Kids can make and design their own dragons and race them 2 by 2 down a track in the How to Train Your Dragon Section.



There are a lot of slides with different heights that children can enjoy. 



There is a feature where up to 10 partipants can do kung fu moves with Po. 



We were able to join a cooking class making gingerbread with Gingy, Shrek and Donkey which even my baby enjoyed a lot.



Kids can “drive” a colorful lighted balls around a racetrack using mounted iPads. 


The Dreamworks Animation studio allows children to make their own simple movie which is a unique experience. Unfortunately photos are not allowed on the high tech studio.


Smaller children can draw and play at their electronic drawing and coloring room.


The playground inspired by Shrek’s house is an activity that even my older children really enjoyed crawling, running and playing in. 



There is a 4-D theater that shows a short 4 minute clip called “Almost Home” which was funny and shows every 15 minutes.


If you are tired you can chill at their Library which is cozy and cute.


On top of that there are a lot of photo spots that kids and adults alike will really enjoy.


It’s even easy to bring babies because they have a beautiful mother’s lounge! Perfect to change diapers or breastfeed.


Dreamworks Dreamplay is a fun place to visit for children and adults alike. It’s definitely worth lining up for early in the morning to bypass the wait caused by the inefficient ticketing system which I feel could be done online.

A 4-hour pass is plenty of time to try all the activities. You need less time if your kids are smaller. 

If you are interested to visit, park hours are 10am to 10pm.

Ticket rates are as follows. Adults who want to participate need to pay the children rate. 

They do have few rules to follow:

  • No Pets.
  • No slippers, open toed shoes, sleeveless shirts, bicycles, skateboards, skate-shoes or skates of any kind. Guests wearing clothes with rude or vulgar language or graphics can be denied entry. 
  • All participants are required to wear shoes and socks.
  • No outside food allowed inside.
  • No smoking.
  • Adults without children are NOT allowed to enter the facilities.

Parents can drop off children 10 and older but need to be present during the drop off. Children under 10 years need to be accompanied by an adult.

Dreamworks’ Dreamplay provided all of us a wonderful venue to bond and have fun as a family. Definitely worth a visit!


9 thoughts on “Dreamworks’ Dreamplay at City of Dreams

  1. I’ve been wondering about this!!! Thanks for this awesome blog entry about it. 🙂 I have a 5-year-old and I’m wondering if he’s too young for this or will enjoy it na!


    • Hi Toni! I think he will enjoy it. The dragon and boat making are perfect for him. I think the cooking class is fun too. There is another activity we didn’t try because my kids didn’t want to do it for younger kids where the room is filled with balls. There are a lot of activities that he can enjoy.


  2. What’s with the RFID wrist band thingy??! Don’t you know that they capture all your personal identifiable information. They can track you wherever you go. Please consider this before going to this place.


  3. Hi there! We’re planning to go there tomorrow by 1pm, since we still have to check in at Solaire by 12 noon. Do you think there will still be a long line of people waiting? Thanks!


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