BakeArt: Starting Them Young

When I was younger, cooking class meant sitting on a chair watching the teacher cook the dishes through a mirror attached to the ceiling.  Hands-on Cooking class meant standing around a huge table where one bowl is passed around 15 to 20 students so we can take a turn swiping the spoon around a couple of times.

In effect, the only real thing we took home from cooking class was the recipe typed (yes, typed.. that’s how old I am) on a piece of paper with no real knowledge of how to make the dishes ourselves.

Now, this has changed tremendously.

BakeArt has taken it to a different level where hands-on cooking class means individual cooking stations even for their youngest students.

BakeArt has been teaching cooking to young children for quite some time.  In fact, my daughter has attended classes in their old classrooms where two children are assigned to one work station.  It was already very hands-on for her and she came home proud of the dishes she and her partner made.  She loved it already then.

Now, BakeArt has transformed itself into a cooking setup akin to the ones I saw in Japan.


BakeArt Lobby (taken from HLDesigns)

bakeart Cebu

BakeArt Classroom

It was a happy place to be.  Each child had their own individual work station and was within arms reach of a faucet.


Each workstation had their own stove, ingredients, cooking and measuring utensils.  Each child is, therefore, able to make their dishes while watching the teacher demonstrate in front on their own.


Individual Work Station

Both my kids were so excited to start their classes and they eagerly leafed through their cookbooks to see what they will be learning for the next few days.

bakeart3 bakeart4

In the four days of their lessons, they were able to cook an assortment of soups, main dishes, cookies and brownies.   After the sessions, they were able to bring home a significant amount of food for the whole family to taste and enjoy.

They had a lot of fun and learned a basic life skill in the process.

I highly recommend the class to all parents here in Cebu who want their children to learn the art of cooking.  And the best part of it all, it was very affordable given the amount of food they were able to cook and bring home on top of the immeasurable experience of cooking on their own in a safe and clean environment.

My kids will definitely be joining more classes in the future.

Another plus is it’s a great venue for an intimate birthday party!


BakeArt is located in Nivel hills (Lahug), Cebu City, Cebu, Philippines (on the way to Citylights Condominium).  Contact Number 2607845 / 4126002.

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