My Breastfeeding Journey: Smooth Sailing

Jack Newman

Meeting Dr. Jack Newman, breastfeeding advocate

My baby is now over 8 months old!  

That means Baby S has been exclusively breastfeeding for over 7 months!

Breastfeeding is now a part of my daily routine.  Sometimes, I actually look forward to the required break.  It feels good to watch him drink milk and at the same time snuggle with him.

Evenings are still largely disturbed because Baby S seems to love feeding at night.  I miss having a huge space to myself.  I miss 6 to 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep.  Being tired is now a standard for me, but I figure it’s a small price to pay.  

Baby S has gotten sick and has had to take antibiotics but he recovers much faster than other people in the family who catch the same disease.  I have even started pumping and letting my older kids drink my pumped breastmilk (which they feel is a wonderful treat to have) in the off chance it will help them heal faster too.    

I have started leaving home for longer periods of time now as my baby is already on solids so the pressure to pump is not that big anymore.  I still don’t respond to the pump as well as I would like but pumping 4 to 5 oz in 15 minutes is already a standard if I am unable to feed. 

I have a comfortable stash in my freezer too so Hubby S and I have started dating regularly again.  We have also started going to events and watch movies with the kids. 

It has definitely gotten a lot easier.  

My clothing options are still greatly limited because I need to consider breastfeeding or pumping access.  The vain part of me struggles with dressing up day to day but at the same time I can’t bring myself to buy new clothes as I’m hoping to, one day, fit into my pre-Baby S clothes.   

However, by and large, breastfeeding is no longer a struggle.

I remember when I began the journey I couldn’t believe it when advocates assure me it gets easier.

Now, the extreme difficulty, pain and thousands of shed tears are a vague memory.

I have only spent money on 1 tiny can of formula in the past 8 months, thanks in large part to wonderful mommies who donated their excess milk in the beginning.  I’ve saved so much money I’m treating the family to watch a broadway musical that will show in Manila next year AND visit my parents and brother at the same time.

4 more months to go and I will have reached my goal of exclusively breastfeeding until Baby is 1 year old.  

Will I extend?  Who knows… the mantra stays the same…

“One day at a time.”




2 thoughts on “My Breastfeeding Journey: Smooth Sailing

  1. Nice to hear thigns are getting smoother for you, Mommy J! I’ve always struggled with pumping, producing only 8oz a day. On good days, I’d have 10oz. Thank God we survivede exclusive breastfeeding even then. There were times I can donate milk and there are times I had to request for milk. Buti na lang may donors. Hehe!

    So lucky of you to have met Dr. Jack Newman! How was it? I missed the chance when he was here.

    Again congratulations. Cheering you on towards that one-year mark. 🙂


    • I will be honest I barely pump at all. I get discouraged when I pump. I try to rush home for feeds instead. I am too lazy to wake up for early morning pumps too. 😀 Thanks so much Anj.. I’m hoping I will make it too! hahaha


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