My Breastfeeding Journey: The Power of Breastmilk


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Screaming through the night…

That’s what happens when you have a baby who caught a bad cold and can barely breathe.

He is too young to know what to do or understand what is happening.

Yaya and I had to endure multiple awakenings to rock him and calm him.  Feeding was difficult because he couldn’t breathe and he had to stop so many times in order to breathe (and scream).

The nights are always the hardest when kids suffer from colds because the symptoms are exacerbated when lying down.  That night was a doozy.

This cold was a really bad one.  The phlegm was so thick and sticky that when we tried to suck it out, the phlegm stubbornly popped back into his tiny nose.  The phlegm was yellowish and it filled his entire nostril.  We would clear his nose and it would clog up once more.  It was hard to watch him struggle.  We were both in tears by the time daylight slowly broke through the window.

I hate it when my children are sick.  I would rather be sick myself.  I think all moms feel that way.  It’s hard to watch our children, especially small babies, suffer.

The next morning, he seemed okay even though I was still reeling from the sleepless night.  Baby S was smiling and laughing like nothing happened.  He napped a lot in his little swing to make up for the tiring night but woke up cheery.

As night loomed, I was dreading another difficult evening.

Much to my surprise… it was uneventful.

Baby S slept and ate like he normally would. Sure there was a snarffle when he breathed but nothing besides that would betray that he was suffering from a cold.

We enjoyed a good night.  I was even able to sleep 4 straight hours that night, probably because he was extra tired from the previous night.

Sure he still had a cold, but now that cold is a relatively light one.

Sure the phlegm is still there, but it’s visibly not as bad as it was on that first night.

What began as a horrible, sleepless-night-inducing cold and cough has miraculously morphed into a little-dribble-in-the-nose cold.

When Baby S first caught it, I was expecting a couple of weeks of difficulty.  My older kids always took a week or 2 to recover from a cold, especially if it’s a bad one like this.

What a wonderfully quick recovery.

THAT, my friends, is the power of breastmilk.  Now I understand why people are calling it Liquid Gold.

I must admit during the more trying days, I was questioning my decision to breastfeed.

I wondered to myself, more than once, “Is all this effort worth it?”

The answer?

YES. A thousand times yes.

On an amusing side note, I got the cold from my baby… it’s been 3 days and I STILL feel like crap.  

Guess I could use some Liquid Gold myself.


One thought on “My Breastfeeding Journey: The Power of Breastmilk

  1. Good to hear he got well fast. Alon also does not get sick too often or recovers fast when he doea. If it stays on, his energy level is often consistent. 🙂


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