Excited for Kidzania Manila!

I heard the most exciting news! Kidzania Manila will be opening in Fort Bonifacio by the end of this year!  It is to be run by ABS-CBN group and as a parent, I can’t wait! What is Kidzania? Kidzania is, for lack of a better word, an ingenious “theme park” where children can sign up for jobs in shifts.  The kids LOVE it. When you enter Kidzania, it’s like stepping into a Liliputian town where everything is made in miniature, in child-scale so to speak.  There are roads and buildings which houses the individual jobs.  It’s adorable.

Kidzania Tokyo

Kidzania in Tokyo

Children can learn about specific careers for 45 minutes a shift, which includes a briefing and hands on job “training”.  They get to wear full costumes as they go about doing their jobs.  Like real jobs, they also earn money for the jobs accomplished which they can choose to use in the Kidzania store or deposit into their Kidzania bank accounts. My children were able to go to visit the Tokyo branch of Kidzania twice and both times they couldn’t get enough of it.  For 45 minutes a shift, the children get the chance to step into a job they’re curious about and not just learn about it but experience it for themselves (albeit simplified). In those two visits, they were given the chance to become pilots where they got to really try flying using flight simulators in a plane. They got the chance to try being firemen and ride a tiny version of a fire truck.  They were driven to a building that was “on fire” and they used real hoses to put out the fire. P1030546 Firemen in Kidzania They got to try being Policemen and women where they were given a crime and tasked to go around the city looking for clues. P1030554 They got to try being workers at a hamburger joint and make their own burgers.

Burger Babies

Burger Babies

They got to try being nurses in the nursery ward and learned how to take care of “babies”.

Newborn Ward

Newborn Ward

They got to try being scientists and use REAL electron microscopes and identify forms of bacteria. Scientist at Kidzania They also got to try becoming emergency rescue staff, ride an ambulance, apply first aid, secure a patient and return to the “hospital” to give the victim treatment.

Emergency Rescue Unit at Kidzania

Emergency Rescuers on the move

They got to try a lot of other different jobs that tickled their imaginations.  It was an amazing experience for them.  And unlike other theme parks, they actually learn something at the same time. Our experience in Kidzania Tokyo was amazing because the people are so organized and disciplined that there was no pushing, shoving or cutting in line.  All the people were very polite and the staff manning the “jobs” were efficient and very pleasant. As a result, the experience was relaxing and fun for the whole family.  Although the lines were long, we didn’t mind waiting because we knew we would get our turn without any trouble.

I am hoping they will be able to pull off the same experience in Kidzania Manila. I heard that the Kidzania branch in Thailand is a mess so I’m hoping it will be pleasant and orderly here. Regardless, saying we are EXCITED for Kidzania is an understatement .


2 thoughts on “Excited for Kidzania Manila!

  1. I remember how you raved about this awesome experience. Yeah, let’s hope it will be as organized as the one in Japan too.

    If I knew the operators, I would suggest that they keep the parents out. Usually, they are the ones unorganized :p


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