Cebu Weekend Getaway: Family fun at Papa Kit’s

Everyone needs to unwind from a hard week’s work.

In Cebu, there are a lot of places that families can visit instead of malls during the weekends for a quick trip away from the city.

Only 30 minutes away from the city is Papa Kit’s, a fun place to visit with a lot of activities for everyone in the family.

My kids and I arrived at Papa Kit’s shortly before lunch and we immediately went around to take a look at the facilities and what can be done after lunch.

After taking a look at the Zipline which ends at the next island, my kids immediately wanted to give it a try.  I’ve tried ziplining a lot of times before and when I saw there were two safety lines and a sturdy harness I told them to go ahead and give it a go, accompanied by my husband.  My son was a little nervous but his eagerness for the thrill overshadowed the fear.

They didn’t regret it for a second.  They came back to me with huge grins on their faces and begged to do it again.

Papa Kits Zipline

Ziplining from one island to another at Papa Kit’s


Even my mother-in-law got some ziplining fun!

So they did.  This time with their grandma.  They did it a total of three times before they would agree to try other things Papa Kit’s has to offer.

Next they tried the hanging bridge with their cousins.  Like the zipline, everyone was required to wear safety harnesses to ensure the safety of the participants.  The bridge was wobbly and high, near the top of the trees.   They had the best time traversing it together.

Hanging Bridge at Papa Kits

Enjoying the hanging bridge

Aside from the Hanging bridge there is a Jungle Adventure course for adults where the path is more challenging where you begin by swinging on a rope to the start path.  The Jungle Path also has areas where you’re practically walking on a tightrope and clinging to another rope above you with your hands for balance.

We then went to the aquasports area where we watched some people wakeboard.  We found out they have a speedboat that can carry up to 10 people if we wanted to try it.  Since we didn’t have much time left, we just took fun shots along the path bordered by two bodies of water… very beautiful views.


The kids’ final activity was riding horseback for 20 minutes around the estate.  Since we didn’t have much time, we weren’t able to try a lot of the activities Papa Kit’s has to offer like wall climbing, fishing and swimming.

For an entrance fee of P50.00 consummable and minimal rates for all the other activities, Papa Kit’s was a great way to spend the weekend and recharge for the week ahead.


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