Feeling Thankful for Wonderful Kids

Loving Kids

My children are incredibly sweet and thoughtful.

I’m a lot older.  I was still lucky for the most part since most of the months of pregnancy was free from uncomfortable pregnancy symptoms like morning sickness and uncontrollable cravings.

However, this last month was a hard one for me.  I get tired easily.  It’s difficult to shift positions due to the pressure.  My back hurts and my legs got bloated and red.

My body has started getting unwieldy with the giant tummy affecting my ability to move with grace.  I started contracting pretty early on irregularly which caused a lot of discomfort.

Since I got visibly uncomfortable with the pregnancy, my children have become more and more solicitous and caring towards me.

When I drop things they lunge to fetch it for me the second the items hit the floor because they know I’m having a hard time bending to reach for things.

They don’t want me to get tired so they keep asking me how I feel when we’ve been walking around for a while.

They fetch me food and drinks the minute I say I’m hungry.

My daughter took it upon herself to tutor my son in science and some other subjects to prepare for his exams while I was lying down because I wasn’t feeling too well.

They ask me all the time if I need to drink milk and they are very conscious not to do things that will tire me out.

My kids like talking to the baby towards the direction of my bump with their hands on my tummy patiently waiting for the baby to move.  They hug and kiss me all the time and they endlessly ask me how I am feeling.

Sometimes I am scared that I won’t have the energy to be the mother my third baby deserves given that I’m much older in addition to juggling the needs of two other children.

However, seeing how excited and loving my children are to me during my pregnancy has put my fears at ease.  The kids have shown me more than enough times that they are capable and very willing to help me pick up the slack.

I’m feeling extra blessed and happy to have such wonderful, loving children.  

With these two wonderful children backing Hubby S and I up, we can’t fail.

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