Feeling Loved

A special shout out of thanks to all my friends who have gone out of their way to make me feel so special and loved.

The amount of time and effort you poured into celebrating my pregnancy and the coming birth of my son has touched me.  Thanks also to my wonderful hubby who was also involved in the planning.

Baby Shower!Baby ShowerI know I have blogged about this before but I feel very lucky to have found wonderful people here in Cebu who have really welcomed this simple Tagala with open arms.  

I am humbled by the love and affection you have all shown me and my family not just that one night but all throughout my time here in Cebu.

Good Friends shower2

It is because of all of you that Cebu has become home.


On a separate note, I am so amazed by the level creativity and talent my friends have.  The little touches of love they made for the baby shower are a testament to how much skill they have as they conceptualized and made the decorations (including centerpieces) themselves.  Even the prizes and souvenirs were personalized.  It was a real labor of love and took a lot of skill.  Take a closer look at the photos above and you’ll agree.

Even the cupcakes are made by one of my friends.


 Here are some more little details they added that I feel are really amazing.  If they wanted to go into business doing this they would make a ton of money.  

Creative Souvenirs

Gift Boxes

Creative Centerpiece

One of the Centerpieces

All I can say is… I’m not worthy, I’m not worthy (with matching bows).


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