Little Tips for Wedded Bliss

My beloved, favorite and admittedly only brother, D, tied the knot two weekends ago.

Beautiful Couple

He looked so happy to finally be getting married after a search for “the one” his entire life.  He surprised me by shedding tears as he saw his beautiful bride coming down the aisle.

This is a new beginning for my BIG baby brother.  From now on he is no longer just one person.  He is responsible for someone else for the rest of his life just as she is now responsible for him.

The direction their lives will take becomes dependent on how both of them react to the world and situations around them.  A couple bound in marriage now directly affects each other’s future… and the futures of their children.

That’s why marriage should not be entered into lightly… my parents always said it’s a make or break decision.  They’re not wrong.

All of a sudden, your happiness is dependent on another person.  The choice of a spouse can even affect other aspects of your life, like relationships with family or friends or even success in a career.

That’s a huge responsibility.

My husband was supposed to make a speech during my brother’s wedding that he wasn’t able to deliver due to technical problems.  I feel the message of his speech is worth sharing and since he wasn’t able to share it then, I’d like to share it now.

Here are Hubby S‘s Tips for Wedding Bliss (taken directly from his undelivered speech):

Wedding Bliss Tip #1

When there is a Problem – there is always a corresponding solution.  No matter how big the problem is, you can always break it down to smaller parts and come up with simple solutions.

Wedding Bliss Tip #2

Do not magnify problems more than what it is.

Wedding Bliss Tip #3

When you encounter conflicts – do not let your conflicts go unresolved overnight.  That has always been MommyJ’s philosophy.  I, initially, always believed to sleep over it and tackle the problem when each person calms down.  However, I do believe that in couple conflicts – MommyJ’s solution is best.  Sleeping over a problem raises the danger of it never being resolved.  You’ll find the problem didn’t really go away and will keep cropping up over and over again in different forms and in the guise of different fights.  It’s better to nip the problem in the bud.

Wedding Bliss Tip #4

Do not bring back past conflicts.   Keep the past in the past and deal with the present. Resist the urge to keep digging up past issues… it gets old.

When we were little…. we fight with other kids but the anger quickly goes away.  As children, we easily forget hurts because it’s more important for us to play with each other and have fun.  Once we get older, it is harder for us to forget and forgive, usually at the expense of peace and happiness.

Wedding Bliss Tip #5

Do not be mad at the other person but focus the anger on the situation or how the other reacted to the circumstance.  In other words, do not attack the person but the act that made you mad.

Wedding Bliss Tip #6

Dance.  Date each other regularly.  Act Silly.  Always remember to have FUN.

I have been married 11 years, almost 12.  Although there are ups and downs, I have been extremely lucky.  The ups have far outnumbered the downs where the downs can literally be counted in the fingers of my hand…. ONE hand.  Until now, I can still look back and say I definitely made the right decision in marrying Hubby S without any hesitation.  I hope that he can sincerely say the same thing about me.

My prayer is that my brother and his new wife will be similarly blessed.


3 thoughts on “Little Tips for Wedded Bliss

  1. I suppose different strokes for different folks. My one “objection” is the idea of not letting conflicts resolve before bed. In my experience, we sometimes have to sleep over a problem as we both (or rather, I) sometimes (often?) need more time than others to calm down.


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