Million People March: Scrap Pork Barrel

I could hear the drums beating from my house….

Hubby S left at around 730am to join the walk from Fuente Osmena to Plaza Independencia.  Unfortunately, there was a little confusion as to the time it was going to start as I, myself, thought it will begin at 9.

Luckily, our good friend came to pick S up early so he was able to join.  Due to my little “condition” and I was held up printing the worksheets for my kids to start answering for their upcoming exams, I just followed by car to Plaza Independencia.

Million People March

At Plaza Independencia, it felt safe.  People were peacefully milling around the stage waiting for the people from the nearby church to finish with the mass and proceed to the site.  The organizers were explaining why they are not allowing ANY speeches during the event to keep it apolitical.  This is just a gathering of people who feel the corrupt system needs to be fixed and letting the government know that it’s no longer acceptable.

IMG_0899 IMG_0900

I have to say that the turnout was pretty good given that it’s so early in the morning, there was a mix-up with the time, this is all voluntary, with no clear leadership, and with no monetary compensation that is usually necessary to ensure attendees at most “rallies”.

A friend told me he doesn’t believe that this will work at all and that the root cause of the problem must be fixed which is the culture of our country.  I agree with him… however, in my humble opinion, if people just sit back whining about how we need to change the nature of the beast, then nothing will ever occur.    Heck, we’ve been whining in our individual homes about the corruption of the Philippines since I can remember and nothing has changed.   For years, we have known what’s wrong but we do what we can to work with a system we detest.  This tells me whining doesn’t work.

This critical mass of people, angry at the same time and at the same thing, may be just what we need to jumpstart the change our “bribery and corruption culture” needs.  It’s a chance for us to do something tangible to help change along in our own little way.

Like the diamond that can only be formed under intense pressure, perhaps this is the beginning of the pressure needed to change our government from within.  Perhaps we can turn crap, into something beautiful.

Cebu Rally

Crowd Gathering at Plaza Independencia in Cebu City

Paul Alcazaren, Luneta Rally, Million People March

Luneta: Million People March / Photo by: Paul Alcazaren Facebook

Who knows what this will bring… but I am sure of one thing.   I’m sure that if people did not care enough to stand up and be counted, heard and seen, then the pressure will never build against a broken system.

I am also sure of another thing…  This is just the beginning.  There’s still a long way to go and so much to do.

A few weeks ago this issue was on the way to being swept under the rug.  The nationwide Million People March is a testament to how far the country has come in terms of awareness and interest.

Let’s not stop here.


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