Fight Against Dengue


I went to the hospital for blood tests last weekend.

My medical test forced me to wait at the hospital for over an hour before I could proceed so Hubby S and I were just hanging out at the waiting area.

In the span of an hour, 2 children came in for blood tests for suspected dengue, not to mention a handful of adults.

When it was my turn to have my blood drawn, I chatted with the med techs and I found out that a lot of patients are stricken with dengue.  It’s the season of mosquitoes after all, dengue season has officially begun.

Every year the country struggles with mosquito infestations during the rainy season and parents everywhere are terrified their children will get infected with this disease.

With 4 strains of varying degrees of severity, even if you’ve already contacted the disease before you are not safe from it.  In fact, people who have previously been infected are at even greater risk for the more severe strains of the virus.

In response to this yearly outbreak, some private organizations like Rotary International and Mandaue Chamber of Commerce and Industry, among many others, have taken it upon themselves to do something about controlling dengue before it begins… by hitting the breeding ground of the carriers.

There are chemicals now that can make bodies of water completely uninhabitable for the eggs and larvae of mosquitoes yet are not toxic to the water as a whole.  All it takes are a few drops and the water will no longer be a suitable breeding ground for mosquitoes which greatly diminishes the number of mosquitoes, and as a result, significantly diminishes the chances of dengue outbreaks in the community.

The chemicals cost a lot of money to purchase and it takes a lot of manpower to identify pools of water where the chemical can be used and finally implement the release of chemicals.  But it is a project worth undertaking for the number of lives it can potentially save.

This year, the project plan has grown from just 1 application last year to a plan of quarterly applications for the year of 2013.  Their goal is to make Cebu a Dengue-free community through the control of mosquito populations throughout the province. The priority sites for the campaign are schools and hospitals in the province.

In our country, where there are so many indigent people who are exposed to this disease on a daily basis, projects like this that are spearheaded by the private organizations are life-saving.  Some people can barely afford to have three square meals… getting struck by a disease that requires hospitalization could be devastating.

It is heartening that people have taken it upon themselves to help the community in times like this.    This project can potentially save thousands of lives.  I hope they will be able to get all the volunteers they need to make it a successful one.


Do you know an area that badly needs the larvicide treatment?  Do you know of stagnant pools of water in your communities?  Do you want to volunteer as manpower in the application of the larvicide chemicals?  Please call the Rotary Club of Cebu at 253.7365 or Mandaue Chamber of Commerce Secretariat at 420.2252 for details.


2 thoughts on “Fight Against Dengue

  1. Dengue Fever! Never is best… Once is unfortunate– Never again is possible! I’m sending this link and hope it will post. A naturopathic practitioner personally contracted dengue fever and tells how she discovered natural remedies that work:

    Philippine Daily Inquirer, 27 August 2011

    My wife’s teen son contracted dengue fever and we received the doctor’s okay for him to drink camote (sweet potato) tea. Wash sweet potato leaves, bring at least three cups of water to a boil, put in leaves, lower heat to a simmering boil, 5/minutes. If fever is present, let cool, drink without adding anything to the tea. Drink 3x/day for as many days as necessary. I drink a cup of camote or papaya leaf tea every morning for breakfast. This is the simplist known cure. It and other natural cures are ignored and often advised against by doctors.

    I am not qualified to give medical advice and should not be taken as such. Reading the link above, you will learn what a medical professional did to cure her personal experience with dengue fever. /Nicasio Martinez


    • Thank you very much for sharing all this information. I’ll definitely keep it in mind when the need arises. I just hope the anti-dengue drive will help drive down Dengue cases throughout the province.


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