Two Sick Kids.. One Antsy Mom

My son got sick with what appears to be a viral or bacterial infection.  It started with a cough and cold followed by a pretty high fever then a terrible sore throat.

3 days later, my daughter caught the same infection.

I hate it when the children get sick.  I don’t like the worrying that comes with having sick kids.  I would much rather get take their infection and put it into me.  I hate it when the children start losing their appetites and eat so little of the nourishment that they need.  I hate seeing their flushed cheeks from the heat of own bodies.  I hate it when they can’t breathe every time they lie down to sleep.

This time of year, the cases of Dengue is on the rise.  When it is the Dengue season,  all parents worry endlessly that a child’s high fever could be a symptom of something much worse than what it seems so we are on edge with every sick day.

When they are sick, my kids are as different as night and day.

My son deals with illness very well.  He does not complain at all.  He is usually still cheerful and jumping around even with a high fever.  He suffers the symptoms but it doesn’t seem to bother him.  He does lose his appetite but otherwise, he doesn’t appear ill at all.  However, I still worry that with his hyper personality even when he’s sick will keep him from getting the rest he really needs.  I worry that his sickness is a lot worse than it seems and I didn’t know because he has a high tolerance for discomfort.

My daughter is the exact opposite.  She is prone to breaking down into tears every time her fever goes beyond 38.  She loses all her energy and zest.  She can’t even bring herself to read, her absolute favorite thing to do, because she says she has no energy.  Obviously, I get extremely worried every time she gets sick because I’m not sure if it’s really  as bad as the way she looks and acts..

Two different kids.  Two very different ways of reacting to being sick.

I still worry for the both of them, only in very different ways.

It’s funny how they can be so different and yet come from the same parents.  It’s true what they say, people are a product of both nature and nurture.

Doesn’t matter.. I love them both and I want them both to be healthy.

I really hope this is the end of this viral infection.


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