10 Tips to lose weight without Starving yourself.

Secret Eaters

Secret Eaters

It is hard to be mother and stay slim.  I gained 38 pounds with my first pregnancy…  28 pounds on my second.  With each pregnancy I never went back to the original weight I had when I started.  It’s hard losing weight.  Aside from the food being so delicious, it’s hard to find time to exercise enough stay fit.  Besides, with each year that passes we age and we lose muscle mass.  Our metabolism slows down.  Gravity takes hold and everything… sags.

Aging sucks.  But, like change, it’s the only thing that’s inevitable.

Exercise is the only thing that can stop the sagging but apparently some things can be done to help with the weight.

Recently, I discovered BBC Documentaries.

I watched a TV series called “Secret Eaters” and a full documentary called “How to be Slim” which proved to be most interesting. Both shows outline very simple tips on how to lose weight easily by making very small adjustments to the way we eat.  I found it interesting because it doesn’t recommend drastic measures. Just small adjustments that can trick you into eating fewer calories without feeling deprived.  I can’t vouch for how truthful or accurate  their experiments and tests are, but it’s worth checking out and trying.

For easy viewing, I’ve outlined the tips below.

Tip #1:  Lean Protein-rich meals makes one feel full faster and for much longer.  

This stops you from snacking unnecessarily because you don’t feel hungry in between meals.

Tip #2:  Drink a lot of low-fat dairy to have a high calcium diet.

It makes you poop out 100% more fat than you normally would if you don’t!  They actually tested this!  I don’t know how credible the experiment results are but it seems amazing.

Tip # 3:  Use smaller plates for meals.

Especially true when eating in buffets.  More often than not, you don’t stop eating until way after you’ve eaten more than you need.  With a smaller plate you are able to pile on less food per serving, your mind (and stomach) starts feeling full and sated a lot faster than if you’re using bigger plates. Your mind also remembers how many servings you’ve had and that stops you from going back for more.

Tip #4:  Family style eating makes you eat more.

Why?  Because it is our nature to keep eating while food is in front of you.  The temptation is too much to resist and you end up taking a lot of small nibbles that add up to a lot.  I found that this is true as long after I’m done, I tend to keep nibbling on the food on the table (even eating direct from the serving plates!) for the duration I’m chatting with my family.  So make sure your table is cleared away as soon early as possible or eat ala carte meals.  Don’t just sit there with the food in front of you while chatting with friends or family.

Tip # 5:  If you have to eat at a buffet, make sure you’re seated as far away from the buffet table as possible.

Studies show that the more inconvenient it is for you to get a second helping, the less likely you’ll do it.

Tip #6: When eating a meal (buffet or family style meals especially), don’t clear away your plate or change your plate.

Having a visual reminder of how much you’ve eaten sates the appetite.  For instance if you’re eating ribs, the visual reminder of the number of bones on the plate will stop you from taking another bite.

Tip # 7:  Soups, even low-calorie blended vegetable soups, fills you up and keeps you full for longer.

Water passes through your stomach in seconds but soups, even though it is mostly made of water, stay in the stomach because the stomach holds it there to drain the nutrients.

Tip # 8:  Don’t underestimate the calories in your drink.

Most people DRINK a lot of their calories.  Alcohol is not fattening because of the sugar content.  The alcohol itself is highly fattening.  Fruit juices have just as much sugar as full calorie sodas.  Some drinks, like Frappuccinos, are so high in fat and sugar you might as well eat a donut or two.

Tip # 9:   Don’t get fooled by the “healthy” or “low sodium” stamps on processed foods like ready meals, cookies or chips.

You usually end up eating more just to get sated and the result is you consume the same, or even more, calories, than if you had eaten the high fat counterparts.  You might us well just eat the high calorie, full taste options that fixes your craving pangs with a few bites.

Tip # 10:  Don’t EVER skip breakfast.

People who skip breakfast tend to eat more calories over the course of the day than people who do.  Also, your body goes into starvation mode after hours of no food and it ends up storing a lot more fat.  There’s a reason why breakfast is considered the most important meal of the day.

I have no idea how much of an impact these steps will make but it’s easy enough to try.  I sure will.  Let me know if it works for you.


5 thoughts on “10 Tips to lose weight without Starving yourself.

  1. Since I’ve been blessed with small-boned and slim genes, the best tips I can give are:

    1. Sacrifice meat for fish at least one meal a day. I lost a lot of weight without even trying when I went on a fish diet (because of high cholesterol) for just a few weeks.

    2. Drink a lot of water when hunger pangs strike. It relieves hunger without making you want to reach for a snack that’s high in fat.

    3. If you’re into dancing, try getting into hula hoops. No joke! An officemate of mine started taking hoop lessons and she’s lost a lot of weight while having a lot of fun.

    Some few other stuff I hope will help. Take Care!


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