Interest in the Pork Barrel Scam: Shocking but Welcome

It just started out as a blog post like any other. I read the articles about the Pork Barrel Scam on the Inquirer and Rappler and decided to put my two cents in on the matter.

The blog then triggered a maelstrom of information posted Anonymously as comments and the blog post took on a life on its own.

As the number of viewers climbed and good-hearted commenters have advised me about security, I scrambled to delete names on posts, change my usernames and take out personal photos as precautionary measures.

It was a rush to see so many people care about an issue that I felt was so important to discuss and deal with as a country. But it was also a little scary. The blog started as therapeutic hobby for me — a venue for discussing parenting and family experiences and issues, very safe and mundane topics. All this attention on a controversial topic was brand new unknown territory for me.

Commenters took control of my post while I opted to keep quiet as I realized I was the only one there that wasn’t completely anonymous and was a little worried about putting my family at risk in any way even though the information and opinions generated from the comments were obviously not mine.

I watched as commenters passionately discussed next steps. Some commenters took it upon themselves to preserve the blog and the comments section by posting it on their own sites.  Some have compiled the information from the comments section and made a commentary of their own.   Some have made anonymous Facebook pages to consolidate the information on the comments. All this has spread the means of getting the information which can only help in arousing interest and awareness in this issue.

I can’t help but breathe a little easier as more and more sites are now providing information on the PDAF scam , which takes a lot of pressure off me.

I am happy with the teeny tiny role that I played in bringing this issue to the mainstream.  At the same time, I am also looking forward to the day I can once again blog about parenting regularly.

What happened over the weekend was a completely unique experience. I never aimed to be controversial. All I did was speak my opinion which is my constitutional right. Nowhere in my blog did I claim to know more than I did. I can’t even claim the credit for the blog’s short-lived “viral” status. I have no idea why Anonymous chose my blog to speak out.  My blog was just a small spark that triggered a fire and the fire burned brightly.

I come out of this with a wonderful realization. It’s possible now, with social media, for regular people to become watch dogs of the community and the country.

In the past, wars were considered exciting and people leapt at a chance to go into battle… young men signing up excited at the prospect of an adventure and honor only to die horribly in the battlefield or be handicapped by unspeakable trauma. The dawn of television and photos in newspapers which brought the horrors of war right into people’s living rooms changed all that. By the time of the Vietnam War, people were holding peace rallies in the effort to stop the war and families were hiding their children in other countries in efforts to avoid the draft because they knew what war was really like… horrific.

We are now at a new dawn of a social revolution made possible by the ability of everyone to become their own publisher. Through the internet anyone can take information or their views and share it to the world. Although the internet is not without its dangers, it can be a powerful tool if used correctly. Gone are the days that the news are the only source of information. It is already the case that sometimes the news reports even rely on what’s trending on social media (remember Robert J. Carabuena and Amalayer?). It’s also possible that one day, outrage over possible corruption or injustices will trigger the “powers-that-be” to change things or be changed.

Is it possible that change has begun with the hold order on Janet Napoles and her brother? Who knows.

The use of internet still has a lot of maturing to do.  More people need to get easy access to the internet.  And some policing might be necessary to ensure there is no abuse.  But the possibilities are endless.

And that’s the last I’ll say on this issue. I hope the fire against corruption and desire for good governance will keep growing bright.

I have compiled a list of the groups created by various proactive commenters for easy access to readers.

Anonymous Incorporated Against PDAF (on Facebook)  —  where you can also get the compilation of the comments, various news and updates

Petition to President Pnoy for Transparency in Liquidating PDAF — online petition

Petition to Office of the Ombudsman to investigate Grave Misuse of PDAF – online petition

Citizen Action Network for Accountability (on Facebook) — non-specific government watchdog group

Citizen Action Network for Accountability Website — non-specific government watchdog group

We can’t change the our past but we can do something about the future.  The important thing is not to give in to despair.

MommyJ … over and out.


16 thoughts on “Interest in the Pork Barrel Scam: Shocking but Welcome

  1. Hello Sis!

    The last post I’ve read here was about homeschooling. Now, I’m shocked to read about what your post on Janet Napoles’ pork barrel scam brought to your blog.

    I admire your courage for voicing and stirring 700+ opinions online. I also completely agree on every points you have raised there. Imagine nalang the huge taxes we pay every payday tapos kay Janet Napoles lang pala napunta at sa mga maluho nyang anak.

    On the other hand, I feel a bit sad because you have to protect your identity now. I enjoy pa naman the family photos you post here. I think you already took it down na rin. 😦

    Godspeed, Sis.

    And keep blogging. 😉


    • HI! I was surprised that this happened but it’s a good thing. 😀 Spread the word okay? There are already a lot of other blogs which copied the comments section and consolidated it so it has taken the heat off me by a whole lot. In fact I think they are getting more views already because of easy viewing. hehehe

      Thanks so much for posting this comment. 😀 Makes me feel a whole lot better.


      • Hi MommyJ. Saw your blog from another blog. In fact, your blog created a spark in me to the extent of creating a blog which is devoted to the Philippines. I have been writing for quite some time, but these facts from the government are alarming and disheartening.

        I admire you for posting your own viewpoint on this matter and I will help you spread the word. This is my own way of saying, WE STILL HAVE HOPE!

        The change begins in us.


      • Thank you so much Esmeralda! I am so glad you are starting your own blog. Will definitely be a reader of yours. I am very thankful for your kind words…. You brightened my day. 🙂


  2. I was actually going to comment about what good investigative skills you had with your post only to find so much interesting comments on your post though it somehow hijacked your blog. And like singlemomincebu, I look forward to your posts about the family and the kdis. I’m glad you are took it well and with grace (I’d probably lost composure. haha!). Let’s hope someone with more power and authority than we do does some investigating.


    • Hi Anj… yes Anonymous Commenter blew me out of the water. hehe It’s okay as long as the interest in the topic has been raised then the cause was a worthy one.

      I’m still wondering when I can go back to my regular blogging… 😀


  3. Hi mommyj,

    I am glad you have moved on to your regular programming. As to your question, there is nothing to worry about with what you posted about the Napoles scam. You have just curated information already found in the news and the blogosphere in general. What really sparked the viral discussions were the anonymous commenters. There is nothing you can do to control the direction these comments will go. Just the way social media works, I guess. Congrats to your blog.


  4. hi! i’m an activist within and ave been awake on how the corrupt bastards run the show all this time. Most likely if you’re needing more assistance and more exposures so we can bring our internal issues on a global scale. I suggest we seek the help of run by an australian global avtivist who’s influences affect the revolution that was done from several countries like egypt, tunisia, greece, iran and few other countries whether 3rd world or 1st world. All this time working class normal people like us were blinded and intentionally misinformed by people who’s in power or position. We can all bring this up together and most likely received a reasonable support from other international organization like wikileaks. So, far there’s no issue or blog raised inside their website yet and we can all be part of this upcoming revolution. Just do the google-ing for wikileaks. They can protect anyone as they can mask your ip address on their blog and leave it untraceable. Im not sure whether they’re working together with anonymous international but most likely yes! We all have the same cause and wants a future that will benefit all human beings like us equally. Theres no stopping now! let’s fight for our right as we are all born free.


  5. how exactly are we supposed to ask help from I have gone through their page and indeed found fascinating stories of how they have helped to unwrapped the corruption in different government. I hope our issue can be acknowledged by their organization.


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