Not a typical girl

Wallclimbing on Royal Carribean's Voyager of the Seas

Taken before we made the attempt to wall-climb.

With the advent of social media, it becomes even more glaring that I am not a regular girl.

Not to say that there’s a cliche of what a girl is or can be but I don’t fit the usual mold. I realize I’m borderline weird. I would think it’s a disability of sorts. I guess am lacking in estrogen or something. I am not really a girly girl (sometimes when I look at my photos I wish I were). But, I’m happy.

Why do I think so?

1. For the life of me, I can’t bring myself to read or care about the content of fashion blogs.

I tried to log onto fashion blogs and see what the fuss is about. It’s usually a photo of a pretty girl explaining why she decided to dress that way, where she bought the clothes and why they think it looks cool. I try to care… but .. I JUST CAN’T.  I get bored out of my skull. I think they look great and I admire them for their sense of style … but I just can’t focus on it, my brain wanders.

I see my friends looking absolutely fabulous in their clothes and I think it’s great and envy them for it which is why I tried looking at fashion blogs in the first place.  I like looking pretty as much as the next person. But I realized I could never care enough to take the time to analyze it. I do spend some time figuring out how I should look but I tend to decide based on what I’m going to do for the day. If I plan to go to an exercise class, I dress in leggings so I don’t need to change later in the day. As long as I’m clothed and I find myself presentable, I’m good to go. I don’t bother to keep up with trends because it’s too time consuming to maintain and it goes out of style too fast… which brings me to point # 2.

2. I am not a shopper.

I don’t enjoy shopping. In fact, my husband probably enjoys window shopping more than I do. I shop when I have something I need to buy. I usually go direct to that store (or stores that carry that item), browse for what I need, buy it, and leave. I recently realized I don’t even look at other things on display in a store I’m already at. Case in point: Once, I needed to shop for skin-toned shoes. I go to malls only to check out the shoe shops. And when I’m in the shoe shops my eye skips over all shoes that aren’t in the color I need. I don’t even look at them. So if I’m looking for something I can go in and out of a store in 5 mins since I’m only looking at the item I need.

Obviously, I don’t like window shopping. I get bored. I can’t seem to bring myself to shop if it isn’t for something I already pre-determined I need.

Which brings me to point #3.

3. Since I don’t window shop, I don’t care much about brands as well.

Most people I know like branded luxury items, especially clothes, bags and shoes. Luxury bags, for instance, are something most girls would really really love to own. I do have some but only because my husband bought them for me. He got it for me in secret after much cajoling that I should get one and I refused to buy one on my own. Almost all the bags I have are from his pushing me to buy them. My friends think our set-up is unique because I’m the one saying “no” to a beautiful bag. I know some people judge me based on the clothes, shoes and bags that I choose to wear and carry day-to-day. I figure, if they judge me based on that, they’re not worth it. I have lots of beautiful loving friends who love me, ugly bag (or shoes or whatever) and all.

4. Make-up time for me is 5 to 10 minutes….in the car on the way, IF I wear make up at all.

Unless it’s a wedding or a party, then I invest time doing my makeup in the bathroom. However, I also usually don’t take more than 30 minutes on both hair and makeup. I am too lazy to invest more time in it.

5. If I were to choose, I’d rather spend my money on travel and sight-seeing.

I didn’t think I was unique with this until I joined a tour group with two buses worth of people and only about 8 people, 3 of whom were women (including me), who wanted to go to the tourist spot. The others went to the shopping center. They’re the normal ones. Me.. I don’t mind walking 12 hours straight if it meant I got to see what I wanted to see in a city I find interesting (or read about in books).

6. Arts and Crafts … Beautifully wrapped gifts… Nope.. no patience for that.

I know! Most women love ribbons and wrapping paper. Most people have a whole drawer full of things devoted to this sort of thing. Not me. In my mind, It’s going to be torn apart anyway! Why spend time and money on it. I appreciate it because it really is lovely. And I greatly admire all my friends who do this sort of thing so well because I sure can’t do it.

I am different. I know that. I don’t feel bad for it. Nor do I feel any loss for not being a typical girl. I’m just glad that I have a lot of girl friends who are, and they guide me (boy are they patient with me coz i do need a lot of guidance) in the girly things that I need help with. I am so lucky to have them in my life (and I love and appreciate them to bits).

Let’s face it, sometimes, it’s a tremendous asset to be a girly girl.  The world does make a judgement based on how you look and dress sometimes.  It’s a fact of life.  Having friends who know what they’re doing in that department is a huge boon to me.  Then I can revel in my “weirdness” because my girls can back me up.

This way… I really get the best of both worlds.


6 thoughts on “Not a typical girl

  1. Hehe! Ako din, not the usual girl presented by media to the world. I don’t care for make-up. I prefer backpacks and messenger bags though I started to use shoulder bags to work just to look more professional. I hardly go to the parlor. But I do like watching America’s Next Top Model and Project Runway which my hubby finds strange kasi I hardly put effort for my personal fashion. Hehe! Guilty pleasure.

    And yes, I’d rather spend money on travel! While I don’t mind looking around for knick-knack or two, I prefer landmarks and walking tours than shopping places. And I don’t spend too much on gift wrapping either kasi nga it just gets torn apart. When we still had newspapers, I usually wrapped gifts with colored prints and comics with a message na “recyling is good” sa dedication. Haha! I feel sad nga when I tear down beautiful wrapping when Alon receives a gift kasi sayang.


  2. You are a very practical person. Everyone is unique. Some girls go through the ‘girlie’ age, some don’t. Like you I am not into fancy bags, clothes, and accessories. I seem to wear my clothes until they get worn out. But I spend my money on travel, books, magazines and …plants. Although I enjoy looking at fashion photos. I find them quite entertaining.


    • You’re right. When I posted I have had a lot of girls come up and tell me they are the same as I am. I too love books which is why I bought a Kindle for my book obsession.. it’s a lot lighter. 😀 It’s also ironic because I love watching Project Runway even though fashion isn’t really my thing. haha Thanks so much for your comment. It is much appreciated.


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