Taking care of Myself today

Getting sick is a pain in the ass.  I’ve been struggling with colds and coughs for the past 3 weeks.  I do get better for a while then another virus hits me and knocks me off my feet.

Since I’m still strongly advised by my doctor to steer clear from medicine, I have been relying completely on natural remedies like Hot Calamansi and Honey, Dalandan Juice and Ginger Teas.  They do work but it takes longer and they don’t help with the symptoms at night when I tend to wake up every few hours because of coughing, an itchy painful throat or a completely clogged nose (depends on which virus I’m down with at the time), which feels horrible.  I lose my voice if I don’t regularly drink hot water so I feel like a little old lady carrying a thermos full of steaming water everywhere I go.  A good friend came to visit yesterday night and she told me I look like I actually lost weight.  As I haven’t had much of an appetite recently, I’m not really surprised but I am a little alarmed.

People tell me to take a rest because that’s the best remedy but motherhood has no breaks.  All I wanted to do was lie down and sleep yesterday but I ended up tutoring my kids almost the whole day because their workload for the coming week seems to be a doozy.   My daughter’s lessons are extra challenging and there are multiple quizzes and projects due for both my kids within the week.  I like doing extra school work on Saturdays to shorten study times during the weekdays when they come home from a long day at school.

Today, I’m taking my break.  Hubby S took the kids to the mall to buy some stuff they need for school and things we need around the house.   He got them out from underfoot so I can stay behind to just lie down and really rest.

So here I am right now… lying on a mountain of pillows with my laptop on my belly.  My thermos of hot water and a mug of hot Calamansi juice is within arms reach.  I’m feeling a bit better and I’m looking forward to taking a nap with the kids after lunch.  I’m hoping to feel better by tonight to face the new weekday tomorrow.

Hopefully this will be the last of my continuous viral infections.  I’m tired of feeling tired.

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