Awestruck at my husband of 18 years

Hubby S has been in my life for 18 years, married for the past 11 and to this day he still manages to inspire me.

While eating breakfast this morning I was reading an article about one of the Philippines’ greatest businessmen, Manny Pangilinan. He is an icon in the Philippines and someone a lot of people look up to, with good reason.

Aloud, I wondered how MVP managed to come so far from his humble beginnings. I finished by reading the quote from MVP that he wants to follow the footsteps of Alexander the Great who conquered the world.

S suddenly quipped:

“Greatness is not achieved by the amount of territories you conquer but by the amount of hearts you’ve won and lives you’ve improved. I think the best way to build a business is with the end goal of improving people’s lives in mind. Profit, although very important should be secondary.”

I was stunned by the wisdom of what he just said so early in the morning.

He was still in pajamas, his hair was ruffled and his eyes still glazed by sleep.

I was looking at him slack-jawed and murmured: “Wow, that’s deep.”. He shrugged and grinning sheepishly, said: “Did I say something smart? Don’t ask me to repeat what I just said because I can’t.” Luckily my phone was just beside me so quickly I typed in his words lest I forget.

I was suddenly brought back to a memory back in 2005 when just took over V F I. He was under a tremendous amount of stress because he realized he took a job to fix a business that was hemorrhaging very badly. Suppliers were cursing the company for their inability to pay debts. Cebuano businessmen were wishing S luck because they believed VFI is a dying company. There were problems in all the departments and he had to fix all of them. He took the task on with his regular enthusiasm.

But at night, he came home weighed down with worry. He felt overwhelmed. He suffered vertigo attacks from the stress. He wondered aloud if he made the right decision to leave his stable job at L’Oreal Philippines to jump into a “sinking ship”. I told him he can always find another job, with his résumé he won’t have any trouble finding another job.

He shook his head, “No.”

He told me then that he knows if he jumps ship we will survive but if he doesn’t try he can’t stand the thought of the hundreds of people relying on VFI for their jobs. He told me that he will stick with VFI for them. If he fails then at least he can say he tried.

I was awestruck at him then.

After 8 years, I believe he has succeeded in his goal to help turn V F I. around. He is now at a new fork in the road and it is heartening that his basic beliefs and motivation haven’t changed.

It has served him well as a guide in the past and I believe it will serve him well for years to come.

Thank you S for managing to inspire me until now. You’re one in a million. I love you.


3 thoughts on “Awestruck at my husband of 18 years

  1. I’m so glad that many from our batch are really looking out for the welfare of the staff their companies employ. It shows that even in business, “Men and women for others” is possible!

    Kudos, Stan! May more businessmen be as principled as you. 🙂


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