C turns 10. Her party, her rules.

When C was about to turn 10, she told me she wanted to have a party at Playmaze and invite all of her friends.

Since it was her turn this year anyway, we agreed and booked Playmaze for her.  As our little gift to her, we told her she would be in charge of the party.  She has a cap on the number of kids she can invite but she can invite whoever she wants and we will not add, or intervene on who she can invite so that all the people she  is closest to and truly want to be there can be there.  We told her since it’s her guest list, it’s her responsibility also to make the headcount as well.  She has to make sure she has the right count so we will have enough giveaways and food.

The package of Playmaze is a great one since it includes the invitations, giveaways, backdrop of the party, food and the playtime.  All C needs to do is make the list and make sure her guests are coming.  We booked a package of 40 children and we allowed her to invite up to 50 since we thought around 15% of the kids may not come anyway because of various reasons.

I then left her on her own.  She was so excited made her guest list rather quickly.

Caitlyn's Guest list

I gave her the invitations that Playmaze prepared and she sent them out herself.

Two days before the party I asked her about the number of attendees, she told me a few friends already told her they wouldn’t make it.  I was a little worried for her that no one would be able to come but I let her deal with it herself.

Turns out I didn’t need to be worried.  Only 4 people on her list didn’t make it.  She had the best time of her life.   We had to send out for more giveaways because our 40 count wasn’t enough for the actual attendees.  Her friends were all there to celebrate her day with her and the joy was unmistakable on her face.

At the end of the day… she went up to me and thanked me for giving her such a wonderful birthday.  She also thanked me for allowing her to take the lead in the party and making it all about her.  I was glad we did it this way as she IS old enough to decide on her own who she wants to be there.  She had so much fun.

BIrthday Party

She is still giddy with joy until now.

Happy Birthday C.  You deserve every minute of it.  We love you so much.


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