P100.00?! Where’d you get that?

Since school started, Son A has been coming home with little tokens given to him by his classmates or schoolmates.  Sometimes he’d come home with an eraser.  Sometimes he’d come home with used pencils.  Sometimes he’d come home with little chips or candies.  Once, he came home with a small bottle of alcogel.  We ask him why he keeps bringing home stuff and he said his friends give it to him as a gift.

Yesterday, he came home clutching P100.00.

He said his ran into a friend from Grade 2 and he ran to him and gave him the money.  He claims he asked the guy “Are you sure?” and the friend said “Yes, it’s yours.” … so he said “Thank you very much.” and came home.  He immediately turned the money over to me

My reaction was “WHAT?! Why did you accept it?!”

A was shocked.  To him…. a gift is a gift is a gift.  He didn’t find a difference between an eraser, chips or money.  I tried to explain to him that the money is a little too much and he should give it back.  He felt ashamed to find the kid and return the money since he said “it was a gift!”.  I made him promise to find him and try to return the money.  I told him to explain to the kid that he’s thankful for the gift but it’s too much to accept and he might get in trouble with his mommy.

I talked to him for a while but I’m having difficulty explaining to him what gifts are okay to accept and what gifts he shouldn’t accept because it might get the giver in trouble with his or her parents.

He can’t seem wrap his head around the difference between different kinds of tokens of friendship.  I’m sure the little boy who gave him the money couldn’t tell the difference either which is why he gave A the money in the first place.

In addition, I didn’t want to make too big a deal of it either because he did what he did out of innocence and there technically wasn’t anything wrong with what he did.

So I decided to sleep on it and take up the discussion again tomorrow.

…. or maybe I can take the chicken way out and wait for Hubby S to come back from his business trip and let HIM handle it this time.  hehehe


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