Crushing on a Classmate… ALREADY?

It has happened.  The moment all fathers dread has come.

Her classmate suddenly dropped by our house over the weekend to copy notes for the periodical exams.

All of a sudden, she was all giggly and couldn’t wipe the smile out of her face.

She was so excited and giddy.  She kept telling me over and over again that her classmate is such a great and smart person.  How they compete in school in recitation and during exams, which makes everything so much fun.  They share a lot of laughs.  Her classmate apparently has a great sense of humor, is very nice and  is one of her best friends.

Here’s the thing:  Her classmate is a HE.

My daughter has a little crush.  She refuses to admit it, even to herself, but I saw her reaction first hand and as much as I’d like to deny it… she has a little crush.

Now it makes sense!

Every time I go to school, a little boy I don’t know comes running to say “Hi Tita!” and bless my hand.  Whenever that happens, I blame my poor memory… maybe I just don’t remember the face of one of my friends’ kids.

Turns out that’s the kid who came to our house and made her all giddy.  It’s her “male best friend” and we’ve never officially met.

Gotta give the kid props for his guts and his inclination for respecting his “elders”.

If she weren’t my daughter, I’d find it really really cute actually.

As she’s my daughter, however, I’m feeling protective.

It’s all harmless really… just need to remind myself not to take it too seriously and stop myself from acting over-protective.


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