My son’s an Addict… to Mythbusters

The mythbusters episode where they test the Mission Impossible myth of using rubber masks and managing to fool everyone.

My son has been addicted to Mythbusters since he turned 4.

I have Mythbusters videos on my computer because I enjoyed the show.  I didn’t expect a 4 year old to want to watch it.  When he watched it the first time, he got hooked .  Until now, he wants to watch it more than any kiddie show Disney Junior or Nickelodeon can offer.

At first, I was skeptical that he listened to anything.  I thought he was just addicted to the big booms of the explosions or the crashing of cars.

Then came the string of startling conversations that make people do a double take.

Of course you can’t see (in the dark), it’s because the rods and cones in your eyes have not adjusted yet. 

No I don’t want to say that line (in the script)!  I know why boat’s float.  It’s because boats have a wide surface area.

You won’t die, you need 76 pounds of force to break your neck.

Guess I was wrong.. he WAS listening.

I’ll admit I have no idea if what he has said is factual.  But the language itself is startling.  I don’t know if he completely understands the science behind the myths but something is definitely sinking into his 5-year-old brain.

Mythbusters manages to really entertain him and he finds the antics of the cast funny.  He knows the cast by their full name.  When we were going to San Francisco last summer, he was so excited because he thought he would have a chance to meet the Mythbusters cast and was very disappointed when we found out that the Mythbusters road show didn’t match our itinerary (they were to be in different cities for the duration of our stay).

In fact, the only shows in our Ipad are Mythbusters shows by his request (and his sister who got hooked as well because of him).  I’m actually glad the kids got hooked on the show because at least they’re getting exposed to science in the process.

Now that’s what I call educational entertainment.


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