Tough Little Man

We went out-of-town over the kids’ semestral break.  We went to the usual kiddy wonderlands for a couple of days but this time, we decided to take some days for ourselves during the trip.  I explained to them that while we are doing stuff adults want to do, they are not allowed to complain about being bored because we spent more than 7 days on their stuff so it’s papa and mama’s turn.

On our first night in the city, we decided to visit a shopping district.  My 5-year-old started limping.

I was watching him walk… he never said a word of complaint.  So I asked him what happened.

He said his knee hurts.  I sat him down on my lap and when i tried to straighten his leg, he started laughing WHILE saying it hurts.  I offered to carry him.  He allowed me to carry him for a bit but after a few minutes he said his knee is better and wanted to go down.  He told me he was worried I’d get tired or hurt my back.

I asked him: “How bad is it? Do you want to go back to the hotel?”

A asked me in return: “It’s okay.  It’s not that bad.  Is everybody finished shopping?” (Since we were on the trip with my sister-in-law G and her family.)

Needless to say, we decided to just have dinner and head back to the hotel. (Thanks and F for understanding.)

All the way home, he didn’t let us carry him. He didn’t whine.  His discomfort didn’t even show in his face.  He just slowly limped his way through the trains, streets and to the hotel with a huge smile on his face.  He never lost his cheery disposition.

I was struck by how mature A is.  He’s only 5 but like an adult who would endure discomfort in order not to inconvenience the other people in the group, he opted to keep silent and be strong since he felt his pain was still tolerable.  I was struck by his strength of mind.  I was struck by his spirit.

Kids… they can really surprise us.

This is why people have more children… because the joy and the love outweighs the sacrifice it entails a hundredfold.


5 thoughts on “Tough Little Man

  1. Great kid!

    “This is why people have more children… because the joy and the love outweighs the sacrifice it entails a hundredfold.” — hmm… Are you trying to tell us something? 😉


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