YES!!! She’s got Street Smarts!

When my parents were in Cebu watching my kids while we were away, my parents brought the kids to Ginza restaurant.  The kids loooove watching the chef work that teppanyaki table.

They got home from the restaurant and my mother realized she lost an earring.  My mother told my father and they were discussing about where the earring could have gotten lost.  They were in the midst of talking about asking my mother-in-law for the telephone number of Ginza when daughter walked up to them and told them that Ginza had found my mother’s earring and they should go back and pick it up.

Turns out, my daughter C was quietly listening to their conversation.  Without a word, she went to the sala, looked up Ginza’s phone number in the yellow pages, called the restaurant and spoke to the manager asking him to look for a lost earring.  She waited for them to call back, which they did, in a few minutes.

My parents were so amazed that a 9 year old would do that on her own accord without prompting.

They were asking me how I taught her… how did I train her?

I told them the truth.

I had absolutely NO idea.

Wish I knew so my son will be sure to have the same skill by the time he turns 9.  ‘Cause I sure didn’t.


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