MORE THANK YOU’s are in Order.

This year, my loving husband insisted we join an event which will take place in Nice, France.  He insisted it would be a great experience and we should extend our trip to visit other places as well.  We were to be gone for 2 weeks.

Vacations are usually bitter-sweet for me because it is stressful preparing to leave (work-wise) and it is even more stressful when I return to a mountain of backlog.

What made it even more difficult was that it was a wrench leaving my kids behind for so long.  I was not mentally prepared to leave right until the minute we left because it felt like I was going to leave so many things behind unresolved.  There was too much work left to do.  I wasn’t able to find a tutor OR a driver for my kids.  Hubby S‘s grandmother fell sick and was rushed to the hospital days before our departure.  My brother was planning to pop the question and my parents were preparing to meet his now-fiancee’s family.

As a result, I was crying when we arrived in Manila while waiting for our flight to Nice.

Although I missed my kids during the whole trip (and they missed us), it turned out I didn’t have to worry.


Family and Friends… that’s why.

My wonderful mother-in-law, despite her mother being in the hospital, spent the nights with my kids to make sure they were okay.  My father-in-law took my kids to the malls for haircuts.

My ever-supportive practically perfect parents had to uproot their busy life for a week just to watch my kids.  They’re always there for us… always.

My friend, Sa, offered to tutor my children and she did it even better than I could have.  Sometimes, spending as much as 3 hours just to make sure my children are prepared for their quizzes and she even did advance studying!

My friend, Ma, spent a night at my house to be with my kids and give my mother-in-law a rest during the week my own parents weren’t there yet.

My friend, El and Ka, took my kids to watch a movie and lunch and brought them to and from a fun children’s party.

My friends, MA, Ka, El and Ma all spent lunch at my house to make sure my kids were okay on various days.

My sister-in-law, G, and brother-in-law, F, took my kids to the mall with them during the weekend and helped bring my kids to various classes.

My friends all organized themselves in order to make sure my kids would have rides to places they needed to be.  In fact, my kids didn’t know who would come get them they were just sure someone would, since different “Aunties” were assigned to different days.  I didn’t even have to ASK them to go to so much effort, they did it out of their own accord.

It was heartwarming for me to see so many people care SO much.

The thought brings tears to my eyes.

That’s why I didn’t have to worry at all for the duration of my trip.  I was free to relax and enjoy myself.  And I proceeded to have one of the best times of my life.

Primarily, thanks to my husband of course for insisting we go.  But thanks also in huge part to everyone who cared so much to go out of their way to make sure I didn’t have to worry about a thing.

I am so blessed.  I can’t thank all of you enough.  I really don’t know what I’ve done to deserve all of you… but I’m so happy you’re in my life.


Blog about the actual vacation coming up soon…. 😀


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