Shedding a tear for the Robredo Family

*Photo taken from

As the nation mourns the loss of a great government official, Secretary Jesse Robredo, I found myself fighting back tears while reading articles about this astounding man.

He led a good life.  He had exemplified what a public official should be.  The Philippines lost one beacon of hope in our desire to improve our country when he died.  The news are overwhelmed with stories about what he has achieved in his work in government and his contributions to his city in the beginning and the whole country as DILG secretary.

However, the stories brought me to tears not because of that.

It is because Secretary Jesse Robredo was first and foremost a father and husband.

His decision to board that ill-fated flight was a decision born of love.  He was a father and husband who was eager to be at home with his family at the earliest possible time.    He was a father who wanted to be there to cheer for his daughter’s success.  He was a husband who missed his wife.

His eagerness to go home showed that even though he has been raised to a lofty position, he is still a simple man with simple wishes at heart.  He was like all of us.  He simply wanted to be with his family.

The loss of the nation pales in comparison to his family’s loss.

It is for them that I grieve.

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