For the love of family

Yesterday, I had the chance to live a day in the life of my Hubby S.  Well, a watered-down version of it, but it was nevertheless an eye-opener.

We woke up at 3AM to catch a 5 AM flight to Manila.  We took a taxi to Makati to have a quick breakfast before our interview with an Embassy.  We were done by 11:30 AM so I dropped S off for a meeting.  While I was waiting for him, I went to have a relaxing lunch with my family and got a haircut with my mother. While I was relaxing, he was in a meeting… which lasted until 5:15 PM.  From there we went back to their airport to check in, have dinner and catch our 9PM flight back home to Cebu.

By the time we landed in the Mactan Airport last night…. I was… drained.  Pooped.  All I wanted to do was go home and lie down on my bed.

I always knew his stressful schedule was tiring.  I just didn’t realize HOW tiring it really was.

I can’t imagine how he does this at least once a month, usually more, taking the early flights out to wherever he needs to go and taking the 9PM flight back home on the same day.  In fact, he sometimes takes the boat, bus.. whatever needed to come back home at the earliest possible time.  He does it so he can come home to his family 1 night earlier when it would have been easier to just stay over a night, rest, and come back to Cebu the next day.  He does it so he can be there when the kids wake up the following day and bring them to school.

His dedication to our little family has taken a new depth and dimension for me.  I also reached a new level of appreciation for him.

I always wondered at where he gets his seemingly boundless energy to do his work, his activities with the Chamber or Rotary, and still have energy when he gets home to play with the kids or go on a date with me.

Last night was a reminder of how much he sacrifices of his personal comfort to be with his family as much as he can.

So I went to bed, tired.. but with a smile in my heart and a prayer of thanks on my lips.


6 thoughts on “For the love of family

  1. Thanks so much for your kind words Tin. Hectic nga yesterday eh.. traffic was very bad because we came from a long weekend. The taxis said traffic was especially bad that day.


  2. Dear, Stan is lucky to have you as well.I think the two of you are really a match made in heaven. (Cliche, but it's true in your case. ^_^)Pero, hectic ha — I can't imagine doing Manila in a day with all the traffic!


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