Ayala Malls’ Kiddie Shows: Smart Marketing.

Plants vs. Zombies the musical.

Who would have thought of it huh?  The hit iPhone/ iPad App by Popcap that took the world by storm turned into a 45 minute musical show for children.

In all honesty, I wasn’t expecting it to be any good.  In fact, we didn’t even line up for the tickets.  Luckily, my brother-in-law’s sister, Atsi J, thoughtfully provided us with tickets AND a meet and greet ticket to boot.

Plants vs Zombies on Stage!  Cute!!!

Man, was I wrong to think it wouldn’t be any good.  It turned out to be one of the cutest shows Ayala has ever offered free tickets to.  My kids, LOVED it.  The whole time they were screaming, singing or dancing with the actors.  It was a very entertaining show.

My son’s expression when the Zombies came out.

This is only ONE of the many free shows my family has enjoyed in Ayala Mall.

Ayala Malls, based on their line-up of children’s shows they have regularly, has obviously targeted families as their market of choice for their malls.  They do it so well too.  For a minimum purchase from ANY tenant in their malls, you get to claim 1 ticket (each ticket is good for 2) to a show.  If you’re fast, you get a meet and greet pass to boot where you can go on stage and take pictures with the characters.

Meet and Greet Pass. Kids giddy to see characters up close.

I think their strategy is brilliant.  Parents would do anything to make their children happy.  This is a quick and cheap way to do it.  Just buy stuff from Ayala, instead of shopping in SM or any of the other malls.  In exchange, you get tickets to shows that are very entertaining, and watch your kids have a blast. In addition, while waiting for the shows to start the parents hang out around the mall with their kids to eat, shop and spend money.

SO EXCITED for the show.

It is brilliant also because it enables Ayala Malls to get the loyalty of their FUTURE target market.  The kids of today will be the consumers of tomorrow.  This way, they are taught early in life that Ayala Malls = Happiness and Fun.  We all know that thoughts and emotions ingrained as children are hard to shake.

Dancing Zombies. They were so good too!

As I watch the throng of people lining up in excitement to watch the shows, I wonder at how much income this one event has generated for the mall.  Even if you don’t count the intangible benefits of such events, it’s already worth it.



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