What a blessing Grandparents are.

I grew up without truly knowing my grandparents. I was not lucky enough to have had the chance to be close with any of them, for different reasons.

My husband had the opposite experience. He was lucky to have a grandmother who played a very active role in his life.

S and his Ah-ma

Hubby S‘s grandmother, Ah-ma, chose to live in Cebu. Why?

She wanted to take care of all her grandchildren whose parents decided to send them to school in Cebu because of the better educational system here. She rented a house and turned it into a dormitory to shelter all the grandchildren. She took care of them, made sure everyone was cared for — eating well, doing homework, being disciplined, being loved.

Ah-ma didn’t just care for the grandkids under her roof. She went on to hire a driver and acted as the community “bus service” for ALL her grandchildren. She’d make the rounds of all her grandchildren take them to their respective schools AND she’d make the rounds again for lunch break and again for dismissal. She would dole out allowances, reminders, advice, and she’d dole out what is obviously a lot of love.

I am amazed at how much S loves his Ah-ma.  I am amazed at how much of an impact she was able to make on the lives of all her grandchildren.  They all obviously love her a lot and rightly so.
Until now, you can see how much love and concern Ah-ma is capable of.  Whenever I visit her she is so concerned if she sees I did not sit down and make myself comfortable.  She is always wondering if we have eaten or if we are full.  She’ll be the first to tell us to go home and go to bed when it’s getting late.  
Ah-ma’s eyes soften and her smile brightens like the day when she sees her great-grandchildren at play.  She asks about them constantly and glows with pride when they perform for her. 

Tai-ma with her great grandkids


I watch my husband’s relationship with his grandmother and I feel sad that I have not felt the same joy he has.  

My kid celebrating a birthday with both sets of grandparents.
Then, I see my kids and I thank God that they ARE (and with all four grandparents too!).  I know their lives are richer because of it.  We are truly blessed.

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