I opened my newspapers during the weekend to the horrifying news that someone had opened fire in a full movie theater during the opening of the much-awaited Dark Knight premier.  A 24 year old had turned what was supposed to be a night of fun for a lot of people into one of horror.

As I read the article, I sit and wonder…. WHY?

I think that is the same question that runs through the minds of most everyone who heard of this tragedy.  Why?  Why would someone who was, at one point, studying in the field of medicine, turn completely around and decide to hurt strangers?  Why would someone go through the time and effort to plan something that would ruin so many people’s lives without feeling any sense of guilt or remorse that will stop their plan along the way?  Why would this man decide that living is worthless… that OTHER people’s lives are worthless?

There was no ideology involved in the murders.  No agenda.  The sole goal was to kill as many people as he possibly could.

What would make this smart kid, with a seemingly bright career path, do something like this?  Has there always been signs of his psychosis early on?  Was there a triggering event in his life?  Can this sort of thing be prevented through early identification and treatment?

So many questions… no answers.

All we can do as a race is to grieve…


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