Papa and Mama — This One’s for YOU.

A close friend of Hubby S‘s suffered a loss recently with the death of his father.

We attended mass with their family and some friends on the first day of the wake.  During the part of the mass where you are supposed to give a sign of peace, all the children of the deceased went to their mother and started kissing and hugging her.  Watching them all wrapped around each other’s arms in comfort, I felt the threat of waterworks coming and I started blinking and staring at the lights in my struggle to stop bursting into tears myself.

I felt their loss and their pain.   I felt the overwhelming sadness of missing the hugs, the laughter, and simply just BEING with someone you love so much.

All of a sudden, I was wrenched into the horrible thought of losing my own parents… and the threat of tears coming doubled in intensity.

After a few minutes of intense blinking… I felt the tears subside and I realized, I take for granted that my parents will always be there.  As it is, i don’t meet them as much as I would like since I live far away.  However, they have always been there for me… to support me, to listen to me, to give me advice, and to love me.

So I am making this blog entry as a tribute to my wonderful, practically perfect, parents.

Thank you for being there always.. anytime.. anyplace… any occasion.

You two have always been my rock… my happy thought… my safe place to land on.


Thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedules to visit my children on a regular basis and doing all that effort in order to become close with them.

Thank you for being the type of parents who would drop everything when Deck and I are ever in need of help or support.

Thank you for being the kind of parents who are happy and proud of us but are always there pick us up when we make mistakes.

Thank you for all the conversations, hugs, kisses, laughter and even bearing with us through your tears.

Thank you for your unconditional love.

I could never ask for anything more.


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