Spread a little joy

Our saleswoman, B, was riding in a motorbike with her husband AND her 8 year old child when suddenly, they got a flat along the long and quiet road along SRP.

It was early in the morning.. too early.  It was still a little dark.  B told me that she was starting to get worried because they needed to find a vulcanizing shop to get the wheel repaired before they can get on their way and their daughter will be late for school and she will be late for work.

Suddenly, someone stopped.  He hopped out of his car and went over to see what had happened.  When he saw the huge flat in the wheel of the motorcycle, he didn’t just offer to help bring Bebie’s husband to a vulcanizing shop… he also brought Bebie and her child to school saying he wouldn’t want the child to be late.  He shared with her that he is a cop and he has been for the past 20 years or so.  He told her that he has helped so many people along that stretch of road because it’s so isolated.  He told them it felt good to be of help.

She went on to tell me that this is the second time they had a flat along SRP.   The first time it happened, a young man stopped with his pick up truck.  The young man actually helped load the motorcycle in his pick up in order to bring them all to a vulcanizing shop.

It was nice enough for me to hear that she was helped ONCE.  To be helped TWICE in the past year by two different people makes it not a random incident.. it makes it a pattern.

After hearing so much about the theft and crime that happen in and around the city that is plastered all over the local newspapers, it is overwhelmingly heartening to hear the good there is in people.

B told me she thanks God for sending help in their time of need.  God is in the hearts of a lot of people.

There are a lot of people I know who do their best to make this world a little better in their own way, just like these 2 good Samaritans made Bebie’s day a happy and memorable one.  It’s just sad (but natural because no one wants to brag) that practically no one knows about them.

The good may not be as loud and sell as many newspapers as evil… but it’s there in so many forms.

We can’t let a couple of rotten apples ruin the whole tree, can we?

We just have to appreciate them when they come and realize, despite all the bad things we hear happening in and around our city, there’s hope yet.


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