Going a little cuckoo

On the last two weeks of summer, I deliberately kept the week free from activities so my children can rest and relax.   We were planning to spend the last week in Manila anyway.  On their first completely free day, my daughter and son decided to watch “High School Musical” (and the sequels) and a love affair began.

A love affair that drove me up the wall.

They proceeded to watch the video and the sequels over and over and over again that day…. and the next day.. and the next… for the next TWO weeks.

At first it was a little cute watching them sing and dance with the actors on the movie.

Even though I was in the office most of the day, it got old… and extremely irritating very very quickly.  I never expected to get such a violent reaction towards something as mundane as a movie but at the very end, seeing or even hearing the movie made my skin crawl.

I use the word end because one day, I had had enough.

I grabbed the DVD and told my daughter (who I considered to be the leader of their little duet) that they can’t watch the film (or any of the sequels) more than once in a day.

They whined and pleaded and begged.  No — I said.  It’s too much.  I told them to watch something else.  I could’t stand it anymore.  I wanted to come home and not get irritated and frowny lines on my face.

The next day, I listened to the blissful sounds of Backyardigans, ever so thankful to hear a different song, finally after over 14 days.

However, bliss quickly turned to guilt.

Was I too hard on them?

Am I being selfish for imposing my will?

Do I have the right to stop them from enjoying a show they obviously loved?

I was wracked with guilt and I was prepared to actually tell my kids they can go ahead and watch anything they wanted, especially since school has started and they won’t be able to do it anymore every minute of everyday anymore.

My brother stopped me.

He told me it’s really too much and it was bound to drive anyone up the wall.

He told me that they should learn it’s NOT all about them anyway.

“Good advice.” I thought.

He also said instead of arguing with them, I should just find them other stuff to do.

Even better advice.

So I did.  I didn’t take back what I already said.

And I found them other stuff to do.  But that’s a different blog altogether.


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