No Pork Beef and Chicken?! What is there left to eat?

One December day, a lifetime ago (or so it feels), my parents and brother took us to a ramen place called Konbini in Greenhills which boasts of having the most delicious ramen and mouthwatering chicken skewers.  I loved Ramen and I loved chicken so I was eager to have a meal to remember.

I ate a HUGE bowl of Miso Chasiu Ramen, which looked like it was really good for 2, but it was just enough for me.  I also consumed tons of Chicken skewers and Tempura which was also cooked to perfection.

It was a meal to remember. Because after that epic meal, I proceeded to have feelings of indigestion, extreme bloating, feeling nauseous and suffering bouts of constipation OR diarrhea and nothing in between.

It was not the restaurant’s fault.  Far from it.  The only fault of the restaurant was that their food was SO good I couldn’t control myself.  That was the trigger though.

Since then, my stomach felt like it was on a constant war.  I bloated so much I looked a couple of months pregnant, which let me tell you, is unwelcome for any woman.  Having people coming up to me and asking me if I was pregnant was horrible.  I felt sick all the time.  Sometimes, after meals, I would throw up.

It was a terrifying and uncomfortable experience.  The doctors made me take all the tests man could make.  Endoscopy, Ultrasounds, Blood tests and recently, I even took the Triple Contrast MRI which all cost a ton of money just to rule out every possibility.  And the results were all the same, aside from a slight case of Fatty Liver, I was perfectly fine.

Then why do I feel so bad?  The answer,  I had IBS or Irritable Bowel Syndrome.

I noticed that I felt worse after I consumed animal fats so I started shying away from Pork, Beef and Chicken even soups produced using those products.  I started developing a trauma because I knew moments after consuming those types of foods, I would pay for it for the next 2 to 3 weeks with horrible pains and bloating.  I started becoming a seafood and veggie eater, which I found out recently, was called a Pesceterian.

It didn’t begin by choice… but after almost 3 years of no meats in my life, I find that I no longer long for it like I used to.  I no longer like the taste of animal oils and I can even sense when my food order was cooked in oil that had been used to fry meat products as well.  Although the tantalizing smells of lechon, fried chicken and lechon kawali still beckon occasionally, it’s no longer difficult for me to resist.

After the initial loss of energy due to a loss of food options (and a little bit of feeling sorry for myself), I found that I actually had more energy and I started going back to exercise on a regular basis.  I also found that after giving up meats, my skin started to take on a healthier sheen.  I felt lighter on my feet and having less food options forces me to eat less too which helps control my weight a little (but not completely, I love to eat too much).

I recently found an acupuncturist who also prescribed a powdered enzyme that actually helps with the symptoms of IBS.  Now, I no longer feel sick and nauseous every single time I eat a little more than normal.  And I was given a chance to truly test the efficacy of the powdered enzyme and acupuncture by going back to a meat diet.  However, I found myself making a decision to no longer eat meats.  Aside from the fact that the potential pain is just not worth it, I also find that the benefits of a meatless diet is actually attractive to me.   Are you kidding me – Good Skin – people pay thousands for creams to achieve that.  AND, I no longer miss the meats which doesn’t make the decision hard at all.

3 years by this December and counting… wondering if I can keep up with the diet for a lifetime.

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6 thoughts on “No Pork Beef and Chicken?! What is there left to eat?

  1. Thanks Jenny. It gets easier as time goes by. The only difficulty is sometimes there are no food options during parties. πŸ˜€ But i counter that by eating a banana before the party.


  2. J, I hope your discipline will rub off on me….I seriously need to be a pescatorian ( did I spell that right?) too. Believe me when I say I knowwww exactly how you feel when bloated and feeling nauseous due to indigestion. I have crossed out ice cream and cakes from my diet permanently….next on then list, pork and beef….


  3. I can relate now. Since I took a glucose tolerance test for my pregnancy, I found out that I have diabetes (probably gestational). So I am under strict and limited diet. I can still eat meat but only on occasion. And often, I have most difficulty during parties and eating out. Hehe! I actually lost five pounds during the holidays!


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