Benefits vs Stress — No Contest

For the past two weeks, I’ve been insanely busy with work and school activities.  Every year, I’ve been actively involved with the activities of school which really cuts into my personal time.

This year, with two schools, both with upcoming activities, I found myself wondering why I do this.

Needless to say, I’ve been tired.  However, I made a decision to do so in order to be actively involved in the kids lives and schools.  I wanted to be able to play a role, no matter how minor, in my kid’s education and I wanted to be able to be in a position to complain if I needed to without pissing anyone off because I am also trying to help the school in many ways and they know my intentions are good.

However, there are also some happy side effects of taking an active role in my kids school lives.  An example of which is this: (photo)

Being from Manila,  I need to make friendships here in Cebu.  I am a social being and I was depressed at having to transfer to a place where I didn’t know anyone of my own.  I have to rely on my husband for friends.  No matter how nice they are, it wasn’t the same.

Luckily, I decided to become active in my kid’s schools to be able to get involved in my children’s education and I stumbled into a way to make fast friends.  I have made great friends from parents I have met through school activities.  We have dinners and lunches together.  We organize parties, celebrate birthdays and special occasions.  We hang out and we have fun.   And I am in the midst of attempting to meet more parents from my daughter’s school.  I have had some success since I  have regular lunch dates with one of them while in contact with a few others.  They have made life especially colorful and wonderful.  And I am thankful for every one of them.

It is important for us parents to maintain and develop friendships.  Sometimes, the process is time consuming and the effort involved to do so may be great.  However, I found it especially helpful to have friends going through the same situations and problems that I am undergoing.  With kids of the about the same age, we are approximately experiencing the same things and having a new perspective helps me make more logical decisions with my own kids.  It makes me feel I am not alone in my worries and failures and they also give me guidance on whether or not I doing the right thing in raising my kids.  Through our combined experiences, I have found that I have become more confident in dealing with confounding and frustrating situations that parenting involves.  Through friendships, I have been able to organize playgroups for the kids to enhance their social skills which I find very effective and important.  Through friendships, I have been able to keep my sanity.

The benefits of being friends with the parents of our children’s friends can only increase as they grow up into teenagers and they grow surly in their effort to assert their own personalities.  Getting to know who our kids hang out with will give us a picture of who they are outside of school.  Something I consider invaluable.

So, I straighten my shoulders, try to shake off the stress and keep plugging on, knowing that at the end of it all,  I have everything to gain.

4 thoughts on “Benefits vs Stress — No Contest

  1. I don't know how I'm going to do all these when the babies grow up. I salute you for being involved and for being passionate in all you do. My social time with mom-friends here is that 4 minute window when I walk my son to the school bus. Everyone is busy with something and I feel like I'm the most exhausted one! Needless to say, it's all worth it! I'm glad you have bonded and made your own social circle in Cebu. Oh how I wish I were there to be part of it 😉


  2. Therese: I wish you were here too. I miss you. Sometimes I feel like I'm wading through mud trying to find my way but the friendships help show me a path I should be following. hahaha


  3. WIlson: Work (with In-Laws, Figaro, and S's random requests like making speeches, letters or business docs); I don't have driver or tutor so I have to do that for the kids and I try to exercise AT LEAST twice a week with Zumba to keep my weight down.


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