Gas is cheaper by P3.00 per liter where?!

People are complaining about the rising prices of gasoline products and the greed of the 3 major gasoline companies who refuse to lower prices commensurate to drops in prices in the world oil market.   Yet, they increase their prices quickly and spectacularly for every minor increase in price.

Cebuanos have it extra tough because gasoline prices in Cebu are a lot more expensive than gasoline prices in Manila.
Did you know, though, that even within the city, prices of gasoline between gas stations can differ as much as P3 to P5 per LITER? 
My husband recently got me hooked on noticing unleaded gas prices of all the gas stations I’ve been passing by along my daily driving route and the difference in prices among gas stations is astonishing.  Sometimes, if you just drive for another block before you make a refill, you can save as much as 5% to 6% on your gas bill?  Can you imagine the savings that can add up to?
Just for today, on the way to the airport:
Gas Station near my home :  52.20
Gas Station near my son’s school:  52.80
Near SM : 53.10
Near CICC:  54.15
Lapu-lapu area gas stations:  55.35
RIGHT AFTER the fly over:  53.50
Why are gas prices so radically different between gas stations, some of whom are of the SAME BRAND? 
I’ve decided to add regularly post the locations of gasoline stations along my route that I notice offer the cheapest unleaded gasoline on Mom-and-Pop Moments Community (my blog’s facebook community).  It can serve as a benchmark for cheap gas sources in the city.
Feel free to let me know anytime you see a gas station along YOUR route that is cheaper than mine.  We can help each other save some money and stretch our peso.  Feel free to post your findings on my blog’s facebook page as well. 
Every peso saved is a peso earned.  God knows we need every peso we can get. 

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