Now THAT is a Father

My husband is insanely busy.  He successfully turned around the company he is currently working for as Vice President.  He manages over 300 people in the company and is also involved in production thereby regularly visiting the plant.

He is currently the chairman of the Mandaue Business Month events for the Mandaue Chamber of Commerce, heading all the events for their organization.  He is a member of the Rotary Cebu, Mandaue Jaycees, Philippine Retailers Association and PBSP.  Once he gets involved in activities, he doesn’t take a back seat, he really runs with it.

What makes him special isn’t all that I’ve mentioned above.  It’s that he has time, despite everything he does, to do this:

and this:

and this:

… and not only once a year or something, he spends time with his family regularly.  Every moment of free time he can get, he devotes to the family.   He runs around with them.  He plays role playing games and doesn’t mind looking silly.  He makes up stories for them at night before going to bed.  He takes me out on dates and he brings me along to his activities.  He makes me a part of his life.

We miss him terribly when he’s not around, but we don’t feel he’s missing from our lives.

He doesn’t just say his family is important.  He shows it.

I am doubly lucky.  I had a dad who was always there for me when I was growing up (he still is actually, until now).  Now my husband is always there for my kids and for me.

Men feel an intense pressure to provide for their families — provide a good life for them, a good name for their children to be proud of.   It is easy for men to forget about their families’ emotional needs as long as they are provided for and financially secure.

However, their presence and involvement is really just as important is financial security.  Having their father in their lives makes children more secure.  It gives them a better understanding of love.

Children need to feel their dads are there for them.

That’s a fact.


8 thoughts on “Now THAT is a Father

  1. @Tin: Thanks so much deary. You're sweet to include me. hahahaYes, that's A's school. They have a uniform with a polo and shorts but I'm terrified of dengue so I let him wear the pants and shirt.


  2. Hehehe. Well, totoo naman kasi. He's one of the few that I really admire… not just for being successful but for being an all-around nice guy. Kaya nga you guy really are a match-made-in-rizal-foyer, este heaven. 🙂


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