It’s just a little crush

I was driving my daughter to voice lesson, listening to the Ipad and the two of us were singing along to pass the time. We were caught in very bad traffic so it was taking longer than normal to arrive at her teacher’s house.

This is when she decides to spring it on me.

“Mama, you know, Michael has a crush on me.”

Luckily, the car wasn’t moving or else the car probably would have swerved in the direction my head was going, which had automatically snapped back to look at her in the backseat.

“How do you know?”  I asked, trying to keep a straight face and keep smiling.

“Michael told Fiona and Fiona told me.  Then I asked Michael if it’s true and he said yes.”, she said matter of factly.

I forced my gaze back on the road and asked a little apprehensively “How do you feel about that?”

“Nothing.”  she said, “He’s okay.”

I quietly breathed a sigh of relief.

Damn…. I wasn’t expecting to have to deal with this sort of thing so soon.

I know puppy love happens.  My son A talks about his “girlfriends” all the time but my 8 year old saying it carries a lot more meaning to it than my 4 year old.  Since Grade 1, she’s been curious about love and crushes…  but this was the first time she referred to it in the first person.  It really threw me.

I’m happy that she feels comfortable enough with me to talk about every little detail of her day with me.   This way, I’ll know what’s going on in her world and in her head.  I will have the chance to be able to talk to her about it and put my two cents in.  I hope to keep it that way for as long as I can.  The only way I can do that is NOT to overreact.  I know it.


she’s still my baby… I pray she doesn’t grow up TOO fast.


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