K+12 and how it will affect our kids

Yesterday, my child’s preschool held a meeting for  parents regarding the K+12 program that DECS will be implementing starting next year, 2012.

I immediately went into the Dep Ed website to read their primers (www.deped.gov.ph/cpanel/uploads/issuanceImg/K12new.pdf) and noticed it is just a rationale.  Much of how it will be implemented is dependent on each individual private school.  DECS simply issued minimum guidelines that must be followed.

Over lunch, I wrote a letter to my daughter’s school requesting to meet with the principal and I was gratified to be given a meeting schedule this morning.  This gave me insight into how a small progressive school and how a huge traditional school is planning to adapt to the new, hugely controversial law of the land.

Here are the general changes that K+12 will cause and my personal take on how it will affect our kids.

  • An additional 2 years of schooling will be required for students to graduate from high school.
    • Who will be affected:  Students currently in GRADE 6 and below will be affected by the additional 2 years of school.  Students who are currently in high school will no longer be affected by the new program.
    • What does this mean for our kids:  Children in Grade 6 and below, if they were not initially accelerated, will be graduating Grade 12 on the year they turn 19.
  • By 2012, children who turn 6 by JUNE will be accepted in Grade 1.
    • Who will be affected: Nursery to Kinder 2 children.  In some schools, kids who meet the target age have been accelerated mid-year in order to allow these children to save one year of schooling and graduate on the year they turn 18.
    • What does this mean for our kids: For kids who are born on or before June should consider and inquire with the schools if they are offering the option AND are eligible for acceleration.  They are required to take and pass an assessment test before moving on the the succeeding year.
    • Important Note:  According to DECS, acceleration of Graders (children in grade 1 to grade 6 in this schoolyear) are NOT allowed.  However, some progressive schools may allow this option.
  • There will be changes in the curriculum due to the extended years of schooling.  The curriculum will be decongested, covering 12 years of schooling instead of 10.
    • Who will be affected:  Students currently in Grade 6 and below.
    • What does this mean for our kids:  If our kids had 1 week to learn a new concept in the past congested curriculum, starting next year, Graders will have more time to learn and internalize the concepts.  The distribution of the topics will be the private school’s prerogative.
  • Graduations will occur 3 times, in Grade 6, 10 and 12.
    • Things of note:  Some schools are not operationally prepared to open Grades 11 and 12 so students may need to transfer schools.  Officially graduating by Grade 10 allows this option.
  • The changes caused by K+12 program will have infrastructure and operational requirements that schools should be preparing for as early as now.  More grades means the need for more classrooms, more teachers, more labs or library space, maybe more canteen space.
    • Things of note:  If you have kids currently in Grade 6,  Find out if your current school is ready for these infrastructure and operational requirements on or before S.Y. 2016-2017,  otherwise your children will be obliged to transfer schools after Grade 10.
It doesn’t matter anymore what we think of this program.  The bill has been passed and will DEFINITELY be implemented next year.
I hope this helps.

2 thoughts on “K+12 and how it will affect our kids

  1. Dear,Thank you for sharing this. It really cleared up a lot of concerns I had about "accelerating" Seth to K2 this year.It also gave me a new criteria in selecting the grade school he will attend when he graduates in March.Congrats on the new blog!


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