My Dreams. My Choice.

When I was a child, I loved Archie comics and to earn money for more comics, I numbered all the comics I already owned and rented the books out to my cousins and classmates for P1.00 per book per week.  I made library cards for my “customers” and had a notebook to track where my comics are.

When I was a teen, I sold cakes and pastries to my friends.  I was a sly one.  I had our cook bake the goodies and I would get the money.  I didn’t think to pay back my mother for the ingredients so I obviously made a huge profit.

I had a lot of dreams.  I always wanted to have my own business…. something to call my own.  And I married a man with the same dream.

After my daughter was born, I put this dream on a back-burner in order to pursue another dream, something I consider more worthy and necessary because I had no replacement.  I had to be a MOTHER and a WIFE.  I don’t think it’s possible to give my kids the best I can and watch them grow while working full time at a start-up business which will require more than 8 hours of work — businesses at the start require practically every waking moment!  Instead, I chose to work part-time with my in-laws  and managing my husband’s small business venture with friends, which allows me the luxury of working from home if necessary.

Sometimes though, I feel restless and insecure for the lack of tangible daily accomplishments, but I have no regrets and I have no plans of changing my mind.

I will keep on being my daughter and sons driver, tutor, playmate and counsellor.  I will be there when they are sick.  I will be there when they are performing on stage, wherever and whenever.  I will be there when they are unsure and struggling with school.  I will be there for my kids because they deserve the best, they deserve to have ME for as long as they need me.

One day, they will not need me like this anymore.  I can do everything I want to by then.

The dreams will always be there to pursue.  Their childhood will not be.


4 thoughts on “My Dreams. My Choice.

  1. Hi Jen! It's been too long. I just started this one actually. How are you? You're a breastfeeding Guru! If I had a 3rd baby (not that I'm planning one) I'd be bugging you nonstop because I had problems with breastfeeding my first 2 kids.


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